Sudden ADSL Modem problem

  Jakey boy 18:47 15 Jan 2005

Okay, I have a Broadband connection which has been working fine for a couple of years now. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, I cannot connect to the Internet. I have updated the drivers, uninstalled and re-installed the software/drivers etc. Checked and re-checked the settings, all to no avail. The ADSL light flashes continually, although the USB light stays constant. I have used another USB Modem on the same machine with the same result, and on another machine in the house the modem works fine, and I can connect. All this points to a problem with the computer rather than the modem or line. anyone got any ideas how I could solve this infuriating problem?

  VoG II 18:48 15 Jan 2005

A bit of a long shot click here

(it cannot make things worse!)

  ACOLYTE 18:51 15 Jan 2005

Have you tried swopping modems on the PC that works? to see if the modems themselves work,i dont know what modems you have but on mine the power and dsl light dont flash they are on all the time the only one that flashes is the data light.

  Jakey boy 18:57 15 Jan 2005

Yep, I tried it earlier, no luck! I think I've tried about everything now, I'm at a complete loss!!
ACOLYTE: - I think I've established that the problem is not with the modem. I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of a system settings fix. Incidentally, even "system restore" didn't work!! (?)

  VoG II 19:00 15 Jan 2005

This sounds like a PC settings problem. Another fix to try click here

  LeadingMNMs 19:02 15 Jan 2005

Could it be a problem with power to the USB modem ? Try unplugging other USB devices and try again.

  fred 19:02 15 Jan 2005

A restart cures it for me

  ACOLYTE 19:08 15 Jan 2005

If the ADSL light is flashing all the time then i would say its a line problem or at least the signal is not strong enough depends where the pc that can connect is and if its on the main line or an extension.

  Jakey boy 19:16 15 Jan 2005

Thanks for the link, I'll give it a try later, since I have to disconnect this PC before I can experiment with the other one (sigh!)
fred: - If only it were that simple.

LeadingMNMs: - As I've said, nothing added, or changed, so why would I suddenly need to remove other USB devices? Thanks anyway.

ACOLYTE: - I appreciate your help, but as I've said, no changes have been made to the original setup, which has worked faultlessly for years until now.

  ACOLYTE 19:19 15 Jan 2005

Doesn't mean that a fault has not arisen i know i may be wrong but if you haven't had the line checked you wont know.

  Jakey boy 19:23 15 Jan 2005

I have checked the line with other equipment, and it's ok. It's the same line as the other PC uses, which has led me to the conclusion that the problem lies with the PC in question.

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