Such a thing as a laptop hard drive reader?

  webber_man 10:47 14 Aug 2007


A friend of mine is devasted having had his laptop pfft and die in his arms this morning.

From the sounds of it it's the power unit that has gone. But were were wondering if there is anything like a hard drive reader than you can hook the laptop's HD up to so the data can be accessed/retrieved/transferred?

Or hasn't it been invented yet?

  Quiller. 10:51 14 Aug 2007

yes they are plenty of them. usb hard drive caddy's.

click here=

Just take the hard drive out of the laptop, put it in the caddy and the connect to a different computer.

  webber_man 10:54 14 Aug 2007

Ahh so THATS what they're called?!


Thanks very much.

  webber_man 11:00 14 Aug 2007

Just to confirm - something like this is all that's required?

click here

  Totally-braindead 11:04 14 Aug 2007

Just make sure you get the one for the laptop hard drive and not the one for the desktop hard drive. They are different sizes with different connectors.
More examples click here they are called various things, caddys, enclosures heres some more click here

  €dstowe 11:05 14 Aug 2007

What about one of these click here

Cheaper than a caddy - even with the power supply.

They work fine PROVIDED they are used properly and unplugged in the correct way (via Safely Remove Hardware).

  €dstowe 11:06 14 Aug 2007

In the link I offered, there is provision for 3.5 and 2.5 inch drives.

  webber_man 11:39 14 Aug 2007

Thanks loads for the advice and the links!

  Gary Wood 12:08 14 Aug 2007

Another link, I know, but for the same reasons as you I recently bought an extrnal enclosure from here: click here(13977)Sumvision-25-Aluminum-Hard-Drive-Enclosure.aspx - only £4.00!

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