Subwoofer Question

  mikejd1972 21:27 22 Apr 2004

This may seem like a stupid question to some people, sorry if it is! I currently have a couple of cheap speakers that came with my computer and im thinking of buying a Videologic 2.1 setup - 2 satellite speakers and a subwoofer.
However, I have always been under the impression that the subwoofer must go under the monitor, is this the case? The only place I can put it is to the side, will this affect the sound in anyway?

  Giggle n' Bits 21:31 22 Apr 2004

are now magnetically shielded from interference from monitors.
Ideally subwoofers work by placing a few inches away from a flat surface like a wall or desk side panel and the BASS sound bounces back off to give you that extra kick. But if need be putting where you say should be fine with the excellent Video Logics 2.1 or if you carn't get them the Creative P.380's from DABS at £33 ish they have a long wire on should you have the space.

  Indigo 1 21:33 22 Apr 2004

It won't make much difference where you put a sub, because the deep bass sound is non-directional. That is to say that you will be able to hear it wherever it is (underneath, beside or behind) unlike the high range speakers which carry more detailed sound they must be placed carefully.

  Valvegrid 21:35 22 Apr 2004

The subwoofer normally goes under the TV or in your case the monitor, but because low frequencies emitted by the subwoofer, the human ear has difficulty in determining the direction of low frequencies, so I should think you could place it to one side OK. Anyway bass frequencies should be felt and not heard :-)

  Gaz W 21:44 22 Apr 2004

Technically you can put a subwoofer where you want. I've read somewhere that the human ear can't actually hear where very low frequency sound is coming from anyway, so just put the subwoofer where you think is best. Also if the cables aren't particularly long you are probably better off positioning it where it'll allow for the best stereo effect with what cable you have.

  Gaz 25 21:57 22 Apr 2004

Do you lot go on Bose's website (click here) a lot?

They talk a lot about bass and non-directional notes on their learning centre. LOL


They are correct, a subwoofer can be placed anywhere. However for added bass move it into the corner more, so anywhere where there is a corner, add extra deep bass notes and more air dispersion which is normaly created by a bigger High Excursion sub that goes down low as shakes your doors off. LOL

Placement of a subwoofer is hardly as important though, but I still prefer it to be in its optimum position so that the speaker doesnt have to work as hard to create as much bass.

Actually, to be honest, sicne working in the speaker industry myself... I know that the placement and enclosure of the subwoofer is more important than the driver used itself, which has less effect. You can have better more powerful bass by buying a decent speaker kit with ok drivers and placing the sub in the corner. Works well.

And thats Bose's trick! To have the enclosure extreamly well acousticaly enginnered to improve what would be standard drivers that we find in most common subs, this design cuts distortion and adds lower bass at much higher output levels. And moving the sub into a corner adds depth.

The talk about the a few inches away from a wall is ok, but this tends to amplify the midrange - bass notes, bot the deeper bass notes which is the point of a sub anyway. They also work better if I place a more acoustically tuned port with anti chaffing. However thats my subwoofer analysis, and other subs will be acoustically different and different placements will work best for them.

Good luck.

  mikejd1972 20:07 23 Apr 2004

Thanks for all your help on this one, will give me a good idea what to do when my Videologic ZXR 200 speakers arrive soon! Took the plunge and ordered them today from, came to £39.95 which is an excellent price! Will bookmark this thread and use when they arrive,

Thanks again for all your help, much appreciated!


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