gibbs1984 17:53 09 May 2007

Hi, I have a website which only had 4 pages on so didn't need any sub folders but when I started to add pictures to the gallery I wanted to put them in sub folders. In my gallery click here I have 4 different links to other pictures, now I was trying to get them into a sub folder eg.

instead of

I have done this simple enough locally but when I try and move this around on the server the pages can't be displayed, I create the subfolders the same as they are on my pc but I got a message that they weren't in my root folder which as far as I could see they were.

I did change links in the code to reflect the change.


  Forum Editor 21:30 11 May 2007

"when I try and move this around on the server" what do you mean exactly - are you doing it via an FTP program, or via your web-design software?

  gibbs1984 20:52 18 May 2007

Firstly, thanks for the reply FE.

Secondly, sorry for my late response, an injury playing football on Monday has left me on crutches and I've been to the hospital a couple of nights this week.

Right to answer your question FE I'm using Dreamweaver, on the panel to the right you have the screen that shows you the local and remote view.

I've moved my pictures into a folder called gallery in My Documents, then in DW in remote view I created the same folders (in htdocs) that I have in My Documents ie the folder called gallery, I moved my pictures into this folder and they are fine. They have the extension /gallery/pheasant_inn03/pheasant_inn_pub etc which is correct. Now when I try to move the page called pheasant_inn into the gallery folder so they have the extension /gallery/pheasant_inn03 the page display but without the CSS working and the links to the pictures don't work.

I think this sort of explains it, sorry if your confused.



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