Sub Domains or New Domain Name

  Proclaimer 18:02 01 Apr 2010

What is the negative effect of creating sub domains on my site to host new shops?

I have www mydomain and I have a shop there. I now plan to open three more shops they are related in so far as they follow a Pagan, Gothic, Celtic, Mystical, arts, crafts and jewellery theme. So I thought Make a 'Mall Entrance' at the top of the Domain and then have Sub Domains like;

Gothic.MyDomain as a shop
Celtic.MyDomain as a shop
Mystic.MyDoman as a shop

and should I open more shops I have unlimited Sub Domain Creation and Unlimited mySQL Databases on my Domain.

So should I continue that way or go for a separate Domain for each shop?

  Forum Editor 09:09 04 Apr 2010

in view of the connection between the various shops. There isn't really a downside, as long as you create and maintain a strict file-management routine.

One of the potential problems with multiple sub-domains is the ease with which you can rapidly get into a terrible muddle.

  ajm 18:54 28 Apr 2011

Another issue is that probably for SEO purposes, having sub-domains can have a negative effect, especially if the subdomains are being used as a shop and getting visibility on search engines is important.

Like I said, I may be wrong and someone else may offer more advise on this particular matter.

I use sub-domains for hosting "test" sites for clients so they can know what they are getting and then work on the client's domain for the final site

  Ansolan 05:16 01 May 2011


Appreciate this is originally an old thread but as ajm posted and kindly raised the suggestion on adding information, may help anyone finding this.

Both main search engines to an extent and Google in particular treat subdomains or subfolders in much the same way. They are also significantly influenced by how the site using them treats their own set up.

If you use the subdomains/subfolders as an integral part of the site, they will recognise that situation. Should you isolate them as separate entities, this will equally be recognised.

Whilst structure and internal linking are relevant to SEO in general, including in the context mentioned above, there's no SEO downside as such to using subdomains.

They are essentially just URLs, the value of what they offer is the key, as with any page. Incidentally, unless you have a particular reason subfolders are often easier to manage.

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