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  Simon_P 12:32 11 Sep 2003

I have photograph web site click here using a web hosting that offers 5 sub webs.

I want to configure a sub domain/s that make it more manageable.
My main content is in the categories of ?England? and ?Scotland?
What is the best way to do this?
I am relatively new to this.

i.e. [email protected] , [email protected] and point the sub domain to these folders. Would this be functional and user friendly?



  Talented Monkey 16:34 11 Sep 2003

You can create your Sub domains through some sort of admin or control panel such as Cpanel, provided to you by your host when you signed up for their hosting and no doubt registering domain name. If you do not have such a panel then this is pretty poor as even the cheaper outfits now have some sort of panel where you can at least set up email accounts and other basic tasks.

The example you give is in fact an email address! Certainly yes you can have htp:// & If you have not got a Panel then you will have to ask the people who host this for you to create it.

Of course I am assuming you have got your own domain name and proper web hosting for it rather than pointing it to some free hosting or your own ISP address. If this is the case you wont have any joy in creating sub domains.

  Simon_P 19:30 11 Sep 2003

Yes I have a control panel, and set up facility.
My hosting package is very good, and I have set up the sub domain names.

I did and still do have a ISP site, but it was just really for practicing on as it is free to do so.

It was my error that I had written the sub domain like an e mail.
I was just looking for clarification as to the best way to incorporate it into my web site. And you have answered that for me.

thank you.

  mags100 17:26 16 Aug 2005

With sub domains - does this mean that I can set up pages for other people/my friends using the spare space with my hosting package. None of the pages would be linked, other than in their address (click here & Can each subdomain have multiple pages ? or just one page ? and could they all be called index.htm or do they have to be different eg. Mary.htm, Peter.htm etc.
In other words, can anyone please explain what sub domains are.

  Forum Editor 18:29 16 Aug 2005

Sub domains are separate folders within your server space, and you can have as many sub-domains as your host will allow. Imagine that you have the domain name:-

The .com part is the first level domain

The mags100 part is what's called the second level domain.

If you created a sub-domain called: pcadvisor the url of the subdomain would be: and that would be referred to as the third level domain.

To finalise:- The full address of the sub-domain would be www (space inserted to stop the forum making a 'click here' hyperlink) and you could have an index page inside the folder if you wanted to design a completely separate website at that address, with as many pages as you like. You can only have one index.htm file however - all the others must be something.htm.

  mags100 08:03 17 Aug 2005

Thanks for that, but could you just clarify for me - If I set up several seperate pages or sites for friends do I load each up into its own folder, and within each folder I can have a index.htm file, as well as one for the cover page?

Would this be the same whether I create themn as sub domains or as sub divisions of the same site?

Which is actually more efficient for search engines and viewers: sub domain or sub division (eg. or please?

At the moment I have a site with an index.htm at source and a folder with another index.htm for other sperate pages, is this OK or should I change one to home.htm ?

  Forum Editor 08:20 20 Aug 2005

within your server space as you suggest, and each of them can have its own index page. If you use this method your visitors will use /subwebname after your main url. This will take the browser to the sub-web's directory, where it will find, and display, the index page.

This method is easy to set up, and if you're doing the sub-webs for friends it's the one I recommend.

You'll use the same basic method for sub-domains, but in those cases the domain names will be set up via your web host, and each sub-domain directory will be entirely self-sufficient, with its own cgi bin. As far as visitors are concerned it will be a completely separate web site, although the url will still contain your domain name. The real advantage to sub domains becomes apparent when you use a generic domain name for the higher level. Suppose you had the domain name: - You could set up sub domains like: and

  Forum Editor 08:23 20 Aug 2005

We're hijacking Simon7063's thread with this dialogue - if you want any more help with this subject I suggest you post a separate thread of your own.

  mags100 17:01 20 Aug 2005

OK sorry

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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