Sub "£350" Camcorder that takes Good "Stills"

  AnthonyB 03:19 11 Jan 2005


I'm VERY new to camcorders (never used one before in fact). however, I would like to know of a good DV(i)?) camcorder that takes stills as good as Digital Cameras - well, 2-3 megapixels anyway, and in this way, I wouldn't need a digital camera perhaps. The video quality is more a priority mind, but if I can get a camcorder with a built in "camera", for about £300-350, then it would be very useful. I will have a search rounfd later, but aren't SONY quite good in this department (by bro in law got a sony for Christmas)



  stlucia 13:26 11 Jan 2005

I think you'll find that all budget video cameras are nearer to 1 megapixels, or even less.

So far as video quality is concerned, you're probably only going to watch your videos on a TV so 1 mp is plenty. When buying, all you really need to watch out for is that the zoom should be optical rather than digital -- digital zoom reduces the definition in direct proportion to the amount of zoom you specify, whereas optical zoom retains the full definition.

  Salinger 13:52 11 Jan 2005

Why not do a re-think and go for a Digital Still Camera that makes good video as well?

The Konica Minolta Z2 should be available for less than £200. 10x OPTICAL Zoom, 4 MP and takes video at 800x600 (SVGA) Video is limited only by the size of the SD Card. Video plays back in QuickTime.

  gobi 14:23 11 Jan 2005

I don't think so. Sub £400 camcorder's still picture is only good on the pc - not for printing. Either increase the budget for a higher spec model, or buy a cheap camcorder and digital camera.

  AnthonyB 17:57 11 Jan 2005

Thanks all for the replies, well, I have a Kodak CX7330 coming (long story) so will just go for quality on the Video camera now then (or at least think that way - even if i end up getting both:)


  TomJerry 18:19 11 Jan 2005

Samsung has a model (have not seen it myself yet) does both well because it has two lens one for moving and one for still

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