Stylus photo 810 adding blue lines to BW text

  jonmac 08:31 22 Oct 2006

My printer has begun to add thin blue lines or sometimes areas of blue to black and white text, within or outwith margins. It's 4 years old and doessn't owe me anything. Time to renew or might this be repairable?

  Diemmess 09:04 22 Oct 2006

If the blue bits are part of the text, thorough cleaning may cure it.

If the blue lines are straying on to what should be white paper, then in your shoes I would think about replacement.

You can always experiment knowing you've nothing to lose, but extra uncalled for printing, seems like a control chip or firmware fault somewhere.

  jonmac 09:30 22 Oct 2006

Thanks Diemness - Yes they are uncalled for so probably a sign that a replacement is near. This printer has done hundreds of 600mmx250mm panoramic prints so has earned its keep. For a change it has happened near the end of a colour cartridge rather than just after buying a twin pack!!
Thanks again for your confirmation of my thoughts.

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