Stuttering sound online

  Tim1964 17:02 11 Oct 2003

When I watch/listen to streaming videos or flash animation, the sound is fine but when listening to most clips (probably wav files) on for e.g. a quiz site with sound, the sound is 'choppy' or 'stuttering'

Is there a sound setting that needs adjusting.

Using win98, IE6, NTL 600K BB.


  hugh-265156 17:23 11 Oct 2003

some websites and clips just have poor sound i think.if you can stream video and audio,play cds and dvds ok and have good quality sound then i think that is what it is maybe.

if streaming is choppy set your media player to buffer around 20-30 secs before playing.

test your sound by clicking start/run and type dxdiag click the sound and music tabs and run the tests.

update you sound and video drivers and direct x mabye might help also.

  Tim1964 20:51 11 Oct 2003

The sounds I refer to are the very basic type that doesn't open a media player. If I play mp3's or .ogg files then winamp opens up and plays those. If it's a video then windows media player does the job for me.

Clips like wav files or simplier flash site sounds are the ones.

I know it's not life or death but it's just annoying and I thought that it would not be a problem with BB.

  hugh-265156 20:58 11 Oct 2003

yeah thats what i ment,some flash and silly game sites i go to every now and then are just poor quality.having the fastest connection or best soundcard in the world wont improve if if its poor to start with.

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