Stuttering gggames.

  jake2 22:24 02 Jan 2004

Playing lock on (flight sim) plays ok until things get a little busy on the screen then the game does not flow smoothly seems to be jerky until things calm down then plays fine again! Any ideas? (athlon 2400+, 512mb ram, xp home, nvidia geforcemx 400)

  Jonathan314159 22:34 02 Jan 2004

There are several specialist sites with forums which would tell you whether your spec is good enough (eg click here). Don't have the game myself, but have similar - and know that Lomac is demanding.

I would think your graphics card is the weak link (you'd probably get some stutters with other recent flight sims), and you might find people saying you could do with a bit more RAM.

But worth a look on the other forums, I know there is meant to be a patch being released for Lomac soon, and that might be addressing stutters.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 22:36 02 Jan 2004

Only thing i can think of is your card is not up to the job as far as the game goes,u dont say how much ram it has but flight sims take a hell of a lot of recources u could try ending all tasks you dont need runnning and try then,the more ram the better with theses games.


more than the memory...

  jake2 15:03 03 Jan 2004

graphics card is 64mb, sounds like it may be struggling! Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

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