Stutter while recording and other small problems

  Blissfull Kitty 14:09 23 Jan 2019

Hi Everybody.

I have a problem with my pc. I get stutters while recording my gameplay. When using shadowplay it gets more 'acceptable stutter'. When recording with Action! Recorder or any other software i get alot of stutter. Everytime i press record the fps goes down a bit. But normally i don't notice that. I record videogameplay for over a year with Action software and it is not working anymore since 2 weeks ago. Stutter is all over the place now. Only when i record! This is my setup;

  • I7 8700K + Liquid Cooling *Note my CPU is NOT overclocked
  • *MSI Motherboard 370 Gaming
  • *16 GB Memory
  • *1080GTX
  • *Crucial SSD, 2x Samsung SSD, Hard Disk 3 TB
  • *PSU RM550X
  • *Windows 10

What i already tried;

*Memtest turned out good.

*Tried the banks in other slots

*Tested recording on every SSD .

*Tested out 8 different recording programs, all with the same results (Except for shadowplay giving the best results but not perfect).

*Did stresstests on the whole rig (Temperatures remain normal).

*Tried to lower my screenrefresh rate from 144 to 60.

*Installed a clean windows on a different SSD.

*Did a ssd benchmark to see if it is still good.

*Tried another PSU.

*Checked if the CPU is throttleing, that is not the case.

*I also verified windows with the command sfc/ scannow, no problems found.

*Did a stresstest on the GPU. Didn't saw any flaws.

I also have some small other weird problems with my pc;

*Sometimes my usb ports fall out for a second or 2 and turn back on.

*My screendrivers sometimes fail.

*I got rarely weird artifacts on my screen that was not recordable by screen recording software.

*I got one ssd that is not alway's recognized by the motherboard.

*Sometimes my pc is extremely slow, and other times not.

*My pc starts up very slow.

I hope somebody can think along what else i can do to discover what is going on here.

Remember 2 weeks ago i had no problems with stutter (the small problems were there but NO stutter)

Thank you for reading.

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