stupid Outlook email question

  mco 21:51 06 Nov 2004

Don't laugh - this is doubtless stupid: I've been given an email address and password from the webmaster of a club I'm secretary for. I've set up Outlook express so I can now successfully receive the club emails (never used outlook before) but my question is: can I not send emails out with this club address via outlook? If I can't, then that answers my question! If I can, then what am I doing wrong?

  Smegs 00:48 07 Nov 2004

Let me just ask, have I got this right?

You want to send an email to this club?

I take it you have the email correct address??

Have you got Outlook and Outlook Express on your Pc? If so WHY?

When you get an email from the Club, open it and all you have to do is press the REPLY BUTTON. That will auto put the email address in.

  Salinger 00:53 07 Nov 2004

I don't think he wants to send an email to this club. The question was can he send emails using the club's address.

  Smegs 01:10 07 Nov 2004



If thats what you want to do, then you would have to setup the Clubs email account on your pc.
But if you do that, then the Club it's self wont get the emails that you have picked up, unless you forward them on to the Club.

  tonyuk72 04:00 07 Nov 2004

At a guess I would say you have the out going mail server (SMTP) set up incorrectly, if you goto the e-mail providers website it will give you the correct POP3 & SMTP setting for you to send & receive mail.

  Djohn 04:29 07 Nov 2004

The emails you receive from your club can be passed on to others by using the forward email option. Just forward the mail to a new recipient from your PC.

Also You can send emails from your PC with your email address on them but with a notification for the recipient to reply direct to the club. IE: If they click on reply to one of your mails it will go to the clubs address and not yours even though you sent it from your private address.

If this is what you wish to do then the option is available from tools. Let us know exactly which method you require and one of the forum members will talk you through the settings. j.

  Night Ryder 05:04 07 Nov 2004

Set fire to it

  mco 12:25 07 Nov 2004

Thanks everyone! Went to bed last night with no responses so ended up having to google for help. (My error message was server error 550 error 0x800ccc79 for those of you who are interested. )Basically what I did wrong was put the club server in both incoming pop and outgoing smtp when I should have just put it in incoming pop and put my own ISP on outgoing smtp. I can now send emails using the club email address given by by the webmaster! I think you were nearest Tonyyuk72 and smegs I'm the one meant to get the emails anyway not the webmaster who's in charge of the national set up for all local clubs. Sorted; thanks!

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