Stupid me

  deeneesee 10:59 31 May 2010

I sold a laptop at a boot sale over the week-end, I had used it for 4 years.
The laptop was had been disconnectd for 18mts and not used. I have a new one
Will the buyer be able to do the following

1. Access my e-mails
2. Get into my ban details
3. Get access to any of my debit/credit card details/acc number/security code etc:-

I did not delete any information from the hard drive, as I am too stupid to have thought.

I didn't have a password to get into the laptop.

How possible is it for the purchaser or the laptop to access my details.


  birdface 11:09 31 May 2010

Whatever you left on your computer they will be able access.
Maybe time to change any of your passwords if you still use any of them.
Bank details they will not know unless you have left your security details on it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:12 31 May 2010

1 Yes
2 Yes
3 Yes

"How possible is it for the purchaser or the laptop to access my details."

Easily if he/she can get round the lack of password
What operating system on the laptop?

To be totally safe

1.Ring the card companies and cancel all the cards get new cards and pin numbers.

2. Go to the bank first thing tomorrow and tell them what has happened. They will advise you as what is necessary and stop payments if any have gone out.

If your lucky the purchaser will wipe the hard drive and reinstall windows or Linux and not look at anything.

  woody 11:13 31 May 2010


Now you stop cards and speak to bank.

  Forum Editor 11:23 31 May 2010

in the previous responses. Tell your bank what has happened, and ask for all your cards to be invalidated immediately.

Until you do that you may be held liable for any fraudulent transactions on your accounts.

It will take around ten days for new cards and PINs to arrive, but most banks are understanding, and will help as much as they can. When my credit card was used fraudulently a while ago my card provider transferred the whole of the available credit to my bank account, so I could draw on it that way if necessary.

  Big L 266 11:31 31 May 2010


The purchaser will be able to see everything you mention.

Fruit Bat is spot on with the solution.

Additionally I would ring your bank right now and cancel all your bank cards, pin numbers. direct debits, standing orders etc and get a new account set up immediately. This will ensure any possible misuse of your account is kept to a minimum.

You should also open a new email address and import all your old contacts and emails into it and then close the old one with immediate effect.

Do you know the buyer of your laptop and could you get it back? That would solve many immediate problems.

I wish you well.

Big L 266

  Devil Fish 20:57 31 May 2010

if you can access your email on line most providers have a web service you should be able to change your email password from their thus preventing access from the laptop

however their is also the chance that if the new owner is unscrupulous they may have done this preventing you from getting access in that case you would have to contact your provider to get the account shut down

  ronalddonald 22:14 31 May 2010

Do exactly what you have been told ie cancel your cards etc.

Also buy Acronis software so that you can next time wipe the hard drive clean if you ever sell another laptop or desktop.

Hopefully the buyer may of erased the hard-drive however no one can be sure so please do exactly fruit bat has asked of you to do, and change the password to your email and then get a new email address if your previous email has been compromised.

I know this is very stressful but learn from this mistake and be more prepared for next time

  ronalddonald 15:21 01 Jun 2010

How did you get on did ya manage to achieve what you set out to do today ie cancel the cards etc.

  Dark Mantis 15:58 01 Jun 2010

There are only two things that infinite, they are the universe and mans stupidity and I'm not sure about the universe...Albert Einstein

  BT 17:18 01 Jun 2010

I wonder just how many old computers are disposed of without being erased. Quite a lot I'd like to bet.

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