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Stupid HP, Can anyone help me please?

  KevinBates 15:36 28 Sep 2016

Im not a rich man by any stretch of the imagination. Iv always had to build pc's and laptops out of bits and bobs donated to me. Anythin left over and i would give to the poor in my area. However i have been saving for a bit for something nice and modern and come across an HP hp x2 210 tablet/laptop thing in windows 10. It was second hand but practically brand new, in a box etc. When i got it i decided the screen was to small for amy aging eyes so i was looking to swap for something a little bigger. I then decided to refresh windows as a lazy way of getting all my stuff off it. Then disaster struck :( The installation become stuck in a loop at the preparing stage, it would flash to getting ready and then restart. I couldn't be bothered messing about so decided just to re install windows via a usb i always have handy, only to find this bloody thing doesnt support legacy mode so i cant install windows via a usb. So i guess u need to pop into recovery mode and see what i can do there. HOWEVER.... Every time i click on something, be it command prompt..system restore or whatever it says i cant do it because i'm not an admin and there is no admin accounts on this pc. Can anyone help me out here please?

  xania 15:44 28 Sep 2016

If you right click any process, you will typically find that you can run it in Admin mode or as Administrator. This should get you started. But I also recommend you take a look at the user manual, as you may find that you can simply restore the machine to factory settings to get you out of trouble. Make sure you then back-up this recovery tool for future use in case you hard disk fails at any time.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:12 28 Sep 2016

Kevin, according to the manual for your HP tablet/laptop you should be able to restore it to factory settings using the HP "Recovery Manager". Note that it will erase everything that's currently on the device. Have a read here:

Best of luck.

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