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  User-CB94CED6-F3AA-42E7-8A286564F5DCBC14 17:57 21 Apr 2005

I have an education version of this Macromedia package. I asked the Mac. if I could pay an upgrade to MX2004. Unfortunately they say I have to pay the full purchase price (approx £600). Is it worth it? I am a novice web developer so I could stick with MX and perhaps buy Fusion. Any advice. Keen on being a CSS user. I have 3 projects in mind, start with a Family website then a business one (very basic), then one for my son who is on the road to be an environmental consultant. Want my own domain name(s) and dedicated site(s).

  smudge101 11:30 23 Apr 2005

£600 for software is alot of money for most people, unless you just happen to have it lying around I would caution against spending that amount for the complete package.

The complete suite contains alot of applications that from your description you would probably use infrequently if at all.
There are alot of free and/or cheap programs about that will do what you want but it will mean using a few different programs from different sources instead of having one 'packaged' suite and also trying a few to see which ones you get on with.

Also I do not think MX is very intuitive.
NVU is a free program that can handle CSS creation you could give it a go click here
There are plenty of others I am sure some of the kind people on this forum will share there experiences of them with you.

  Michendi 15:37 23 Apr 2005

The key component of Studio MX is Dreamweaver MX 2004. This is the central engine to web development and is the editor of choice for probably around 80% of professional web developers. The full version is available as a free 30-day trial either from Macromedia or from click here Alternatively you can purchase a genuine boxed version on Amazon for as little as £110.

It is important that you start out right and my personal view is that Dreamweaver MX 2004 is the right way to start.

The other components that make up Studio MX are really intended for the experienced professional. It is unlikely that you will need these components in the short-term and certainly not before you have yourself become an experienced developer.

Some of the other components in Studio are:

Fireworks is an image-processing toolkit. Paint Shop Pro 9 does a similar job but costs less than £50.

Macromedia Flash is the industry standard Flash development product. SwishMAX is a stunning product that for most users will produce just what they want, but it only costs £52

So my advice is. Buy Dreamweave MX 2004 and then fill in with other less expensive products until you have so much work that you just cannot cope anymore. At that point buy Studio MX to create a totally integrated environment.

I agree its a lot of money and as I've got the ordinary MX suite I should be satisfied for now. I will explore the CSS package mentioned and update from PS2 to PS3. One thing I am a bit stuck on is the best way to draw a family tree box diagram which includes thumbnails, any ideas (without forking out for a FT package)? I have office 2003 but excell is a bit limited. Thanks again for the input

  smudge101 10:29 24 Apr 2005

there are various ways you could do this but the first one that comes to mind that does not require specialist software is by creating an image of what you want using thumbnail images of the people in the family tree and just draw in your connecting lines uing your graphics program.

You can then slice up the image to create an image map with the smaller pictures linking to bigger images.

  smudge101 10:36 24 Apr 2005

Would be to use a table as a grid and place your smaller pictures in the grid to lay out your family tree. You could then just have a few graphics of straight lines (horizontal & vertical,)these can be placed in the table (grid) to link it all together.
Make your image of the people in the family tree links to larger pics of them.

I have never had to do anything like this but sounds logical to me. You would have to have a play and probably experiment a bit.

  sat481 22:51 24 Apr 2005

I use MX2004 and think it greats. My company purchased it to build their website with and what a joy to work with. There are some great packages invovled and my favourite is Fireworks, which is a graphics editor and is supperb for such jobs as titlebars. Would also advise buying a book to teach you the basics.. But at over £600, it is a costly investment for home use. I couldn't afford it personaly but glad that I can use the work laptop to build my personal site.


I had not thought of crafting it from scratch, t may be easier than I think. I will have a go at this.

  Michendi 10:01 25 Apr 2005

You have twice mentioned CSS and "another" package. Why? Dreamweaver MX2004 has by far the most powerful CSS integration of any editor available today. If you have DWMX2004 you certainly don't need "another" package to create CSS.

In fact the entire development philosophy behind the Dreamweaver MX2004 product was the full and complete integration and support for CSS, and in my view Macromedia have done an outstanding job of achieving just that.

I only have MX studio (education) not MX2004 for which I have to pay the full amount (no upgrade allowed), hence the debate about separate packages. The CSS in MX dreamweaver should do me for now but I understand that the MX 2004 Dreamweaver has much improved facilities.

  Michendi 08:46 27 Apr 2005

is very good. And remember you DONT have to pay the Macromedia price. Full, genuine, licenced versions of MX 2004 are available for as little as £110 on Amazon. That is exceptional value.

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