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  User-C421DCE2-920F-4E57-9746A3C88082CE09 12:57 16 Sep 2003

A few months ago, I posted the following thread on PC Advisor, asking for adive regarding setting up a network in a student house with five computers connected together with broadband access. I was, and still am, new to networking, and I needed the most basic of advice. I was given a lot of help:

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I am now finally about to move into my house, with four other students, and we are going to spend this weekend setting up the network. We will be with Telewest Cable Broadband.

I do, however, still have a problem:

In the above thread, I was advised to buy a router and plug it into the modem, and then run the five comptuers off this.

However, having searched high and low, I cannot find a router with more than 4 ports. They simply do not exist.

I have instead, bought an 8-Way Switch Hub, which will allow the five computers to be connected, along with any extra laptops that might visit the house!

My questions are as follows:

1) Is a router now necessary at all, or will the switch connect to the modem reliably and give us a network for swapping files, playing games, and accessing the internet.

2) Will setting up a network like this, without a router, mean there is no security, ie. firewall etc.

3) If a router is still necessary, what type is best? A 4-way? Or Does a single port router exist, which I could then plug the switch into, and this would provide all users with equal access.

4) If a 4-way is the only advisable type of router, should I plug the switch into one port and run all five machines out of the switch, or should I plug three machines into three of the ports, and then plug the switch into the fourth and run two machines off this. The problem I see with the latter of these two options is that the fourth and fifth machines (the ones in the switch), will have half the speed of access/game playing etc. of the other three, because they are 'sharing' a router port.

NB - Want all machines to be able to connect individually to the internet via the hub/switch/modem apparatus, rather than via one of the machines, because I don't want to have to have one machine on all the time.

Advise would be very much appreciated.

Cheers, guys.


  Citizen -A 13:33 16 Sep 2003

if this helps, i have also telewest broadband networked 3 computers at home using a 5 port 100/10m ethernet mini switch, main pc which is connected to B/B cable has 2 pci adaptors 1 for the cable modem and 1 for connection to the switcher,the switcher has 6 ports but do not use the (UPLINK)the other 2 computers have also 1 pci card and each is connected to the switch,telewest do not offer tech support for networking,internet sharing can only be achieved with the main pc on
I purchased my 5 port switch from pcw it a (PCLINE)product,

  SEASHANTY 16:32 16 Sep 2003

See this website towards the bottom of the page -
VIGOR 2104P Ethernet Switch ---- text --- if you have more than 4 PC's here

  Sion 16:56 16 Sep 2003

i have 3 computers linked up on a network in a student house. All you will have to do is get a network hub with 8 link up (or 5 if you can find them) and plug it into the uplink port on the router. (model is Linksys BEFSR41) Should work fine. I don't see any truobles at all with bandwith sharing. If you plug all your PC's into the network hub/switch then you will all be fine.

As for security, if you all install your own firewall on each PC you'll be fine. You can find lots of free ones on the web such as Tiny Personal Firewall (which i use) or Zone Alarm.

  Sion 16:58 16 Sep 2003

ps. look for a router with a WAN port (wide area network) this is what you plug the network hub into.

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