Student laptop causing problems

  Al94 10:08 29 Jun 2007

I know this may be a difficult one but any input appreciated. Wireless home network, Netgear DG834PN modem router with my laptop and wife's dektop connected wirelessly. All works fine, good speed and no issues - until son returns from uni and connects his laptop also wirelessly which is running Vista. The whole network grinds to a halt, web pages take ages to load if at all on my PC or wifes and I have difficulty even accessing the router settings via myt laptop. I couldnt even check emails this morning, crept into his room (still asleep of course) and shut down his laptop which he had left downloading something all night and everything returned to normal. he is a typically secretive student and a bit of an "experimenter" shall we say on the pc. What should I be looking out for, is it possible he has something on the lappy that is using all of the available bandwidth? Other that not allowing him to connect at all which will lead to further hassle - I am at a loss!

  Al94 12:11 29 Jun 2007

Think I've found the problem, joystick connected to his lappy was a wireless one, removed it and all OK, seems to be mucking up the wireless signal

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