Student Accommodation Ethernet Connection Problem

  Ben Fennel 23:59 15 Sep 2015

I'm about to move to my student accommodation and on my last visit to the accommodation I tried connecting my laptop to the internet with an Ethernet cable but nothing happened. I know a number of things could be wrong. The plug in the wall could be broken, the wire that I used could be broken or because my laptop is old and slow it could be I should have just left it for a bit longer (I only had the wire in for about 10 seconds). What I want to know is if you plug an Ethernet cable into a laptop or PC should the connection be instantaneous and if so what could be wrong? Thanks if you can help, sorry it's a little vague.

  scales 10:34 16 Sep 2015

Hi, it could be the router wasn't on when you tried to connect. Try it again and if still no connection then if halls ask the staff or if private ask the landlord. You could also ask if anyone else in your accommodation has the same problem. If they are OK then try their laptop in your connection and your laptop in theirs. Basically reduce the scope of the problem so that you can say where the problem is. 10 seconds might be a bit quick to connect, give it a minute at least, but usually a little light flashes in the port if there is a connection.

  spuds 10:41 16 Sep 2015

Some good advice from 'scales'. Process of elimination, then go from there!.

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