Stuck power button on Toshiba laptop

  crespo 00:54 23 Jul 2018

The on/off power button on my Toshiba Satellite laptop has got jammed or stuck down and now i can't switch it on. Could someone help me to fix the stuck button, as i really need my laptop for my work and i'm starting to get very worried.

  wee eddie 01:03 23 Jul 2018

You already have an identical thread running with a reply from "rdave".

I would recommend a visit to a repair shop, these things are simple enough if you have the parts on hand

  crespo 01:32 23 Jul 2018

Reply from rdave wasn't satisfactory hence the question being posted. A Simple question doesn't seem to garner a proper answer. If i wanted a repair shop i wouldn't have posted this question. Duh.

  wee eddie 01:57 23 Jul 2018

Then, contact Toshiba and get them to send you a replacement

  jameelriaz 12:29 23 Jul 2018

Hello,trying to unstuck might be difficult, i think that you should have it taken at a laptop repair shop.

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