Stuck Mouse Pointer

  gjmccreath 20:57 05 Oct 2005

When turning on my PC my mouse pointer seems to be stuck right in the centre of the screen and won't move no matter what I try. (Re-setting, changing the mouse etc) Any ideas what I can do, please?

(I'm using XP Professional)

  AndySD 20:59 05 Oct 2005

What mouse is it?

  gjmccreath 21:04 05 Oct 2005

It's the standard mouse I got with the computer from Tiny.

IntelliMouse 1.2A Ps/s Compatible

  phono 21:08 05 Oct 2005

Is the mouse showing any problems in device manager?

  AndySD 21:09 05 Oct 2005

Try reinstalling the intellipoint drivers which should be on one of the cd's that came with the pc.

  gjmccreath 21:15 05 Oct 2005

I'm not sure how to get to my Device Manager if I can't use the mouse to get there.
(By the way, it was working fine last night when I shut the PC down)

  gjmccreath 21:17 05 Oct 2005

I'll try reinstalling the drivers...I'll let you know if it's successful. Thanks for the help (so far :) )

  gjmccreath 21:40 05 Oct 2005

Nope, that would have been too easy. I have two discs which came with the PC from Tiny and neither has mouse drivers on them :)

  AndySD 21:42 05 Oct 2005
  phono 21:50 05 Oct 2005

Access device manager via the Windows Start key on the keyboard, use the cursor keys to navigate to control panel and open it with the return key, you can then navigate around the items in control panel using the cursor keys again, you can select different buttons, tabs etc using the Tab key and again use the return key to make a selection.

With a bit of practice it is quite easy.

  gjmccreath 23:42 05 Oct 2005

Thanks Andy and Phono... by using a combination of your suggestions (and downloading the driver onto my laptop then transfering it on CD to my PC) the mouse is working again and I'm able to type this post on my PC :-)

Thanks again, your help is much appreciated .

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