Stuck keys on Toshiba laptop

  bumpkin 17:41 13 Aug 2018

Space bar and left cursor keys are stuck after spillage of fruit juice by a child falling over. what is the best way to fix this please, do the tops of the keys prise off or will I damage it further.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:41 13 Aug 2018

hopefully the juice has not got inside the machine as it can be quite corrosive. the keys prise off but I never have much luck with them myself.

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  wee eddie 19:20 13 Aug 2018

Luckily, replacing a keyboard is "usually" relatively simple and inexpensive

  bumpkin 21:46 13 Aug 2018

Thanks, most of the juice was quicky wiped off, not a lot anyway so nothing was soaked. The touchpad (left mouse button) for want of a better description I can get around by tapping the pad itself. The spacebar on the actual keyboard is the main issue, cheap and easy to do as you say. I was just thinking that if I can prise off the bar I could try freeing the button/s underneath.

  wee eddie 22:47 13 Aug 2018

Worth a try

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