Stuck at Gigabyte mobo splash screen

  Rayspan 09:34 11 Nov 2011

System running Win7. On start up, Gigabyte splash screen displays . . . and stays. No response to del key for BIOS.

Problem has been occasional for some time, but now seems to be solid.

Processor is AMD Phenom quad, 'Core Temp.' has reported 79C for all 4 cores for ever, is that high?

Any advice welcome.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:08 11 Nov 2011


Stuck at splash screen means BIOS is not completing - several possible reasons

bad drives - unplug each in turn and see if it boots

bad memory - try one stick at a time

try resetting the BIOS with the clear BIOS jumper on the mother board see if it will then restart

a bad CMOS battery can have same effect

  Rayspan 10:30 11 Nov 2011

Fruit Bat /\0/\ - many thanks. That will keep me busy for a while! I suspect it's got to be H/W, most likely a thermal failure.

Will follow through.

  Rayspan 09:29 12 Nov 2011

First thing I did . . . short the CMOS reset pins.

Result, system starts up properly - Hooray!

Next, Kaspersky throws up two infections - each the same virus, something or other(not a virus), with 'delete' recommendation.

Then, finds & downloads another 6 windows updates, which is a bit odd, considering it's a Friday, and that I've already installed the usual Wednesday/Thursday clutch.

Restarts OK after installation completed.

Looks as if the infection nobbled the BIOS settings. First time that has happened to me.

Just another little piece added to my pile of PC lore!

Many thanks Fruitbat, & pcadvisor of course. Over more years than I care to count, you guys have never let me down.

  Rayspan 09:54 12 Nov 2011

Another result . . . core temp gadget now gently flicking between 31C & 32C.

Perhaps there was a thermal element as well. I cant remember overclocking it, could that be the virus I wonder?

  gengiscant 10:09 12 Nov 2011

That temp is fine.

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