Stuck CPU and Heatsink

  BlueFox 19:11 29 Jul 2003


When I built my custom PC, I used the heatsink and fan that came with my Intel P4 CPU. However, when I got the thing working, the fan is SOOOOOO noisy.

Now I've decided to but a Zalman Flower cooler in a desperate attempt to lower the noise level (you can hear the PC from outside the house!!!).

So I went to remove my old heatsink from my processor. But the thing is stuck on so tight that it pulled the processor from it's socket without me raising the lever.

How do I separate the two without damaging the CPU?

  barrie_g 19:50 29 Jul 2003

What did you use as a cooling compound Artic Silver or super glue, sorry couldn't resist.

Seriously though the heat sink if it was a Intel one ie. boxed with the chip should have had a very thin foil panel on the bottom to stop this from happening.

  madPentium 20:08 29 Jul 2003

Have the pins bent on the processor?
If you can get it back into the socket, you could try gently twisting the heatsink against the processor.

  rickf 23:26 29 Jul 2003

I have had this prob. When I forced the cpu off the H/sink, it flew off and a couple of pins were bent in the process. I straightened them carefully with a pair of pliers and with a bit of jiggling it went in ok and is working fine.

More to your problem of separation.Try using a nylon string, the type that is used on fishing rods and ran it betwen the cpu and h/s like you would cutting cheese. This was suggested to me when I posted the same prob. Good luck. BTW, I cleaned the glue which had harden from the h/s and cpu with a bit of white spirit at the end of a cotton bud. worked a treat.

  BlueFox 08:02 30 Jul 2003

Thanks guys,

VERY carefully, I eventually managed to separate the two using the 'cheese-wire' method and pulled the two apart using a twisting motion. Luckily enough, I hadn't bent any of the pins and all 'appears' to be as new. All I have to do now is remove any excess compound. I'll try it with white spirit tonight.

  barrie_g 14:31 30 Jul 2003

Nail varnish remover is also good to remove the excess compound.

  Jester2K II 14:37 30 Jul 2003

Nail varnish remover contians extra oils and chemicals that you don't really want on your CPU. So does White Spirit.

Isopropanol or click here is better.

Isopropanol is avalible at your chemist.

  Jester2K II 14:41 30 Jul 2003

Also known as

"2-propanol" or "isopropyl alcohol"

  madPentium 20:55 30 Jul 2003

I've tried to get that stuff from all my local chemists and non can supply it to me. I dont know why, they simply say it isnt available.

  Kudu 21:04 30 Jul 2003

I've used vodka or whisky when nothing else available.It works.

  BlueFox 08:31 31 Jul 2003

I've been reading other threads on this web site about cleaning the paste from the CPU. I appears that this 'isopropl' stuff is the fans favourite.

So, where do I get some??? This morning I found a bottle of something containing Trichloroltroflouroethane (a degreaser I think) and isopropyl Alcohol. Would this do??

PS - It's CD lense cleaning liquid.

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