Stuck in the CMOS

  User-BE766B73-1567-4A84-B16E4E1BCC82A928 21:09 20 Feb 2003

This is a bit of a messy one folks. Once upon a time I had a Tiny PC P3 500MHZ, 256MB RAM 32MB graphics card etc. Eventually I stopped using it and took the 20GB hard disk out to shove in the new pc i am now using. I offered to give to bro, all I neded to do wasto shove a new hard disk to it. Everytime I load now the CMOS appears, the drive isn't detected even though it works fine on another computer. I can't get out of the CMOS at all, not into the bios, no where. I have tried moving the jumper on the motherboard but that hasn't helped. Has anyone got any ideas??

  AMD 4 ever 21:53 20 Feb 2003

Try removing the CMOS battery for an hour.
Then reboot. Is the Hdd partioned and formatted?
Make sure the keys aren't stuck.

  Kyomii 21:59 20 Feb 2003

have you cabelled it correctly? (red line always nearest to power outlet on hard drive)

Did you take anti-static precautions because it is easy to damage a hard drive - you have to be very careful wqhen handling them - one small knock can cause irrepairable damage.

Also, go into CMOS and reset to fail-safe defaults and see if it boots, but if the CMOS is not recognising the drive it is either set up incorrectly or it is damaged.

What jumper did you change on the motherboard? It is usually unecessary to do this for a hard drive. Also have you installed it on primary IDE channel on motherboard?

  BRYNIT 22:05 20 Feb 2003

Have you put the jumper back to master on the hard drive.

Thanks Guys, It is in the primary IDE and it is okay, It was orignally unformatted, but later I formatted it in another PC and put it back no difference. The hjard disk works fine on another PC so it ain't that each, cabling okay as I have put hard drives in as Slaves before. It is definately the CMOS> I am stuck in it? I will try the battery idea. Is it possible as the PC is in 1999 with an award bios that the motherboard won't excpet the forty gig drive as it is above 32GB??

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