Stuck in bios screen after installing Windows 7

  menopaws1947 12:16 07 Apr 2017

Hi, Reset friend's Acer Aspire E15 laptop to factory settings. She wanted to have Windows 7 as 10 to hard for her. Misplaced my disc to used the 7 download from the Microsoft site and had key so started download.Got down to 6 mins left, it restarted and came straight into Bios screen and still there after 3 days HELPPP please Thanks in anticipation Sue (have always been good with comps but now 70 so please explain slowly lol)

  Govan1x 08:51 08 Apr 2017

Did she have W7 on it when new. If so back to factory settings should have worked. Make sure CD or DVD as set to first boot.

No doubt someone will give you the proper information that you require. Can only assume you downloaded the wrong version of W/7 for that laptop.

  alanrwood 09:04 08 Apr 2017

What do you mean by the "BIOS screen". Do you mean it is actually entering the BIOS set up or is it stuck on the pre Windows info that scrolls down when you first switch on.

  menopaws1947 09:40 08 Apr 2017

Hi Govan1x. it was originally Windows 10. Had to use Windows 7 download from Microsoft using key from my disc - which someone misplaced plus notebook did not have a dvd drive and could not find my plug in one. Have done this a few times before without problems. None of the F keys worked, could go from page to page. Thanks Sue

  menopaws1947 09:44 08 Apr 2017

Hi alanrwood, The Bios screen you go into to change boot up sequence etc. Blue screen with white writing. Not the one I used to get on booting up with older comps.Local repair shop, when I explained the problem, quoted £40. I have a fear of leaving flat so am desperately trying to solve it myself. Thanks Sue

  Forum Editor 09:52 08 Apr 2017

Entry into the BIOS settings is not part of the normal boot sequence.

What process did you use to perform the factory reset?

  alanrwood 12:42 08 Apr 2017

FE. That's why I asked the question.

  menopaws1947 15:57 08 Apr 2017

Hi, I went into Update and Security and then recovery and went from there. That seemed to work fine and was back to Windows 10. Just had a chat and she bought it 3 months ago, secondhand, would the 12 month warranty cover this ??.Still want to try and do it myself but not looking good.

  alanrwood 17:30 08 Apr 2017

Can you not just use the arrow keys to go to exit and select exit saving changes.

  Forum Editor 17:40 08 Apr 2017

"Just had a chat and she bought it 3 months ago, secondhand, would the 12 month warranty cover this ??"

Cover what? As I understand it, the computer works perfectly in Windows 10. I mean no offence, but you seem to have started the problem with what you have attempted to do, so the answer is no - there is no warranty cover involved.

What happens when you follow alanrwood's suggestion and then reboot?

  menopaws1947 17:56 08 Apr 2017

Come on I am 70 am lucky can see the computer lol. None of the F keys or save changes etc etc work. I can use arrow keys to get to the different pages but that is it.Found Windows 7 disc put in drive and changed boot order to boot from that, the minute it reboots any changes you think you have saved go back to the original. All I did was leave Windows 7 to install and was going fine until last restart when this problem was just there.

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