stuck at 53% trying to reformat

  Desperate-Dan 15:30 03 Jan 2009

My neighbour's son just knocked on my door with his Compaq Presorio C700 laptop, He tried to reformat it with the recover software on the hard drive, he said it seemed to go ok but its stuck at 53%,and it took ages to to get that far, the o/s is Vista I don't know what to do next.

  Pamy 15:35 03 Jan 2009

You /he does know that formatting will remove all from the HDD. If the otion is there to do a Quick format that may be better and much quicker

  kindly 15:38 03 Jan 2009

Is he trying to re install windows or is he trying to do a clean format to instal vista. If he is trying to re instal vista from the recovery disc it should all go automatically along its way with little or no attention till it wants his details. If it is sticking then it might be a fault on the drive. I dont know but if the computer can be started then I would do a check for bad sectors and let the computer repair them.
Sorry I cannot be any real help.

  Diemmess 15:41 03 Jan 2009

There is a huge difference between re-foratting and using the provided software to recover from a major system fault.

So, has he a CD or DVD which will boot the laptop from cold?
If so a good idea to boot up with the disk in the slot and see what is offered.

If the recovery software is only on the HD it may be impossible to gain access now by that way alone.

Others more familiar with Vista will be able to help you much more.

  Desperate-Dan 15:45 03 Jan 2009

As for as I know their is a partision on the hdd that has recovery software o/s for vista, most of the new laptops seem to do this, your supposed
to make a recovery disk for the software in the partision,he didn't make a recovery disk he just tried to reformat from the the partision

  kidsis 15:59 03 Jan 2009

can I ask why he was trying to reinstall from the recovery partition? Was he having problems/error messages? I ask because, if it keeps stopping at 53%, there might be a problem with the hard drive at that point.

  kidsis 16:00 03 Jan 2009

sorry should have read all the replies, kindly already said this!

  Pamy 16:03 03 Jan 2009

If he /you format the HDD all will be gone, drivers etc.etc. Best not to at this stage.If you do, you/he will need a full Vista Disk to instal.

  Desperate-Dan 16:23 03 Jan 2009

he said the computer was slow to boot,its a new laptop about two weeks old, I know what your thinking, but its done now so maybe if we get it to work again he might learn from It

  Technotiger 16:32 03 Jan 2009

If he has actually tried to re-format it (meaning the hard drive), then he has probably corrupted the Partition with the recovery system on it. As he does not have a Vista DVD then the only way forward, is to return it to the shop for their attention.

  Technotiger 16:33 03 Jan 2009

Or, have you /he tried getting into the Recovery Partition via Safe Mode?

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