Stuartli twinhan pci info

  rsinbad 18:40 21 Oct 2006

Some time ago i was considering purchasing the twinhan der pci card ;but there have been other prorities.

I have now ordered this pci card finally, although i have found some of your posts would appreciate your imput on the latest driver etc


  anskyber 19:17 21 Oct 2006

Not wishing to tread on toes and I am sure Stuartli will correct me if I am wrong. click here

  rsinbad 19:52 21 Oct 2006


thanks for that happen he'll see the post i have the link to that site , its not obvious which bda driver to download, since posting sometime ago expect the software and driver has changed since we last talked about it model is vp30540

  Stuartli 20:31 21 Oct 2006

If you mean the Twinhan DVB-ter Digital + Analogue (D+A) PCI card, the model number is 3054.

The software is the second download down (All Models except 7021 etc) and the BDA drivers are the third download down (listed 3054).

I find the best way to do it is to install the software first and, once that has been completed and the system rebooted, to reinstall the BDA drivers again from the folder to which you have downloaded them.

Once these have been reinstalled, reboot again. Then you will be able to scan for the TV and radio channels (Control Panel>click on green area on extreme left>click on second button from right on top line>DVN-Terrestial Setup>>Antenna>only tick boxes from around 24 onwards>Scan).

It's likely that some of the channels will be duplicated. After clicking on the Configuration button, delete each duplicated channel keeping the lowest channel version each time for both TV and radio stations.

  rsinbad 22:21 21 Oct 2006

hi stuartli the model is described as digital &analogue tv& radio freeveiw tuner pci vp30540 click here due to arrive next tuesday.

thanks for your advice seem to remember wqol or something drivers anyway thanks for responding.


  Stuartli 22:41 21 Oct 2006

Yes, there were two versions of the BDA drivers (one was WHQL approved), but it was either subsequently withdrawn or further updated.

I think you'll find the PCNextDay has added an extra 0 to the model number...:-) See:

click here

However, in view of the various most uncomplimentary threads about this company in these forums, I just trust that your card arrives OK....

  Stuartli 22:43 21 Oct 2006

>>...various most uncomplimentary threads about this company...>>

I mean, of course, PCNextDay.

  Stuartli 23:12 21 Oct 2006

This company is trying to flog them at £81...:-)

click here

I paid £53 including p and p about a year ago and, as you are aware, it's come down since.

  rsinbad 23:35 21 Oct 2006

yes i think at the time it was around £50 when i first thought of it.Like most things they come down in price.

How do you find the digital side side of things i have a freeveiw box which picks up 99% of the freeveiw channels, can i expect the same with the pci card ?


  Stuartli 09:31 22 Oct 2006

Depends on your signal strength and quality i.e. how far you are from the transmitter.

I'm about 15 miles from Winter Hill (I can see it, in fact, from the end of the road), so get all the available channels on both the Twinhan software and the final version of ShowShifter.

Showshifter provides slightly superior picture quality but, unlike the Twinhan software, you can't have it on screen in a smaller window whilst browsing; ShowShifter, of course, uses the Twinhan BDA drivers.

  rsinbad 10:06 22 Oct 2006

Seem to recall using showshifter years ago, think it was a 30day trial, probably version 1.

I see its not available now, which is a shame.
I have downloaded both the latest software and driver to my desktop ready for installation Tuesday.

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