struggling 2.8 PB Latop

  richardkms 22:38 22 Sep 2005

My laptop is struggling - it is almost all the time over revving and slow loading. Can't cope with too many programs at once. I've got XP Pro and 1gb memory so it shouldn't have this prob!
I've de fragged, de selcted the ms config start up options. I've run the norton disc doctor checks, any other virus checks and still it is slow. Loading from cold is not fast either. Are there any deeper things to try?
I hope so!


  stalion 22:40 22 Sep 2005

try a clean up click here

  woodchip 22:53 22 Sep 2005

Yes you probably have a Slow Hard Drive like Me. Only 4.200rpm I am going to buy and fit a faster one. Mine when I start the light for the Hard Drive is working all the time, and takes ages for it to stop

  gudgulf 23:04 22 Sep 2005

If that's a Celeron processor it definitely wont like more than one program running at once!

  DieSse 09:44 23 Sep 2005

"If that's a Celeron processor it definitely wont like more than one program running at once"

That's a finction more of RAM than processor - and there's plenty of RAM.

OK Celerons are slower than the equivalent Pentium - but not that much!

  woodchip 09:48 23 Sep 2005

I have a Desktop 2.6 Celeron and a Laptop Celeron 2.2 the problem is not the Celeron it the drive in the laptop running at only 4200rpm

  woodchip 09:50 23 Sep 2005

I have only 256mb Memory in Desktop it flies But fitted another 256 making 512mb in Laptop and cannot see any difference in speed

  gudgulf 12:02 23 Sep 2005

Oops,seemed to have touched a raw nerve there!

Bear in mind my viewpoint is coloured by the fact the my machine *must* have better than average gaming capabilities.And as a heavily used family computer must be capable of running more than one program at once....and I mean running as opposed to just being loaded into memory and hogging the ram(like av scan at same time as wife is doing work for school,or burning data to cd whilst web browsing and having [email protected] running all the time).

Celerons are not for me.............and since the poster mentioned that the laptop could not cope with too many programs at once I was assuming the same sort of multitasking usage as my pc has to do.

Point taken about slow hard drives,but essentially I'm sticking with my comment (with revision).Celeron powered laptops are not the best for intensive usage,but that is probably as much to do with the overall configuration of the laptops as the cpu itself.

  woodchip 12:30 23 Sep 2005

I fully agree about Celeron but they was cheap and I only use for Office work and Video Editing on the Celeron XP Desktop, With 256 Memory it is no problem's . My main computer is a AMD 2.2Gb XP running Win98se that does most of what I want. But it only as USB1 not USB2 although the Motherboard as four USB2 sockets these only work at USB1 on Win98se I do not also have Firewire on the 98 comp.

PS I do very little games, may be the odd race game

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