STREWTH- Future or Past ???

  XpCruNcher 10:06 19 Mar 2003

Hi im new here this shouldn't be taken as an offend its only criticism against the idear that's behind the "HyperOsed Downmoded 98SE Strewth Os".
The main problem i see is that Microsoft canceld the Support for the 9x Core Os so many companies now discontinue driver and generic help support for that Os with all the new Standards that arriving now for example Serial ATA, Usb 2.0 and AGP 8x only to name a few STREWTH would be in real trouble the coming Year. For new Computer Systems so as a Game System Os as many user wanted it it's totaly unrealistic cause Game Hardware support must be given and that in a short time period but this support won't be there in the Future for STREWTH anymore.

So whats the future then ?
Longhorn isn't for sure the future like Microsoft and all the other Major companies want it to be, cause of all the DRM and TCPA 1.1 support thats built in and restricting userrights extremely. In my humble opinion the Future for Gamers lies in the "Enhanced Windows 2000 Core" aka Windows Xp Core and im only talking about Games all other things as Video Editing and Post Production Systems are better with Unix based Systems and also Linux.

Now what has to be done to get the best, most compatible (supportive), fastests and smallest and on the update securest OS ?
As i said earlier the Future is for Home Entertainment for NOW the Windows Xp Core im sure that in the Future Linux can also archive this but for NOW it's the XP Core.

Where are the problems to get the STREWTH idear on XP then ?
Because Microsoft did alot after Windows 9x and 2000 to secure that Windows Xp can't be modded that easily for example the Setup System Checks every aspect of Time and Date changes CRC changes and the Microsoft Certification is checked also @ Setup.

What attempts are there to get it done ?
I only know of one offcial Project in Modding Windows Xp and thats the commercial Windows Xp Lite Developed by the same guy who did 98lite Shane Brooks. But i know of a doesn't projects that go into Reverse Enginering the Windows Xp Setup System or modify the Windows Xp Preinstallation Enviroment to archive that goal and yes im also one of those working on the second one ;) cause the first solution is a Reverse Enginering task and in LAW terms especialy in terms of the DMCA ilegal.

When we can expect those modded systems ?
For the first Solution i would say never officialy
there indeed some ongoings in that direction but there won't be shown in public or made publicly available.

Whats about the Second Solution ?
i know you would ask that ehh ;)
in terms of the project im also working on it makes good progress but because windows 2000 is a multiuser Os the problems to get that back aren't solved yet maybe they will maybe they won't and the project will fail but who knows. The HIVE system is not as easy to learn as expected it's a hell lot a work to rebuild the registry back to normal and like everything trial and error.

Where are the Pros of each Solution ?
As the first solution is build up on the idear to modify the Setup Checks the whole Hardware Detection can be used as normal and also it allows to deselect components that shouldn't be installed like for example the Windows Media Player but also and now the funny part ;) desintegration of things like the Windows Update System or and now we coming into the of what i spoke LAW Terms there broken before in modifing the Setup System sure but know the point of the I comes that would make Microsoft very angry the desintegration of the Windows Product Activation System.

The Second solution is exactly as STREWTH hardware Dependend but this maybe can be changed in the Future we don't know for sure yet :)

And now let your dreams fly around about the ultimate Gaming Os maybe there soon become reality who knows ;)

Ps:Sorry for my Bad English :D

  XpCruNcher 10:13 19 Mar 2003

ups funny board system :P
the ------------------------------------------------- shuld be under the Questions sorry but it's not my fault i hope ;)

  Djohn 13:19 19 Mar 2003

Need to do a double *enter* click to move it underneath. Regards, J.


  A Pound of Sausages 15:23 19 Mar 2003

Talking about Strewth, where has Flecc gone?

  simph 13:39 24 Mar 2003

I tht Id liked to have talked to flec. And as far as the criticism about STREWTH, well XpCruNcHer good too see it is but +ve criticism. The latest Os'es may be good for em so called powerusers who demand the latest hardware and need perfect synchronisation with IT developments worldwide. But for an average IT User with even a wee bit knowledge about windows this can be but a HUGE benefit. Im from India and we are used to old 486's a lot. But I find a lot of people spending over 1000 pounds for but playing a few games and browsing the net, which can be avoided if we use a stripped down, non power hungry OS in a so called 'cheap low end' machine. Also imagine running a less power ( electricity ) in a laptop. Would it not increase a battery usage time if we only run that code that is absolutely needed. ????

Am open to garlands and criticims. Cya folks laterz.

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