Stretched icons on Windows 7 widescreen laptop

  Verbose 17:23 21 Feb 2010

Recently purchased a laptop with 15.6 widescreen, running Windows 7 Home Premium. Everything was fine at first but since using it with a digital projector all the icons and photos have stretched. Don't know if the projector bit is relevant! I only seem to have two resolutions available, high and low, and the native resolution is high.Is there any way I can adjust things so icons and pics are the right shape?
Any help appreciated.

  GaT7 17:32 21 Feb 2010

Hi, what are the 2 resolutions available in terms of numbers? E.g. 1366x768.

What's the make & model of the laptop? Or, do you know its native resolution? If you know the latter, can you set it to this resolution? G

  Graphicool1 19:02 21 Feb 2010

The resolution has been changed. Right click on an empty location of your desktop and click c) Screen Resolution for Windows 7; and adjust your screen resolution and settings for screen.

  Verbose 23:32 21 Feb 2010

Thanks for replies.Native resolution is 1366x768 and the only other option is 800x600. Now this is wierd,everything was back to normal when I booted up just now and the icons which had moved were back in their proper places and proper size. Don't understand it!Can anyone explain why this happens?

  ashleycardwell94 02:13 22 Feb 2010

with the control panel, you shound have display properties for your screen and your external monitor - in your case the projector,

it sounds like your projector uses the same resolution but not wide-screen scale, your screen has gone from 16:9 to 4:3, these are aspect ratios and these must have changed. have you installed the correct drivers, you should be able to adjust the res of the output and set it differently to the output. what i ment by drivers wer, my laptop has a 15.4 inch screen, but i can set it from
1 - 800 x 600
2 - 1024x768
3 - 1280x800

these came perinstalled with my drivers and im thinking you should have more choice.

  David4637 20:34 22 Feb 2010

Use ATI to do a backup, now its running OK, would be worth the money.David

  David4637 20:36 22 Feb 2010

PS to the above, W7 has its own system backup, USE IT NOW ITS OK

  Verbose 22:32 23 Feb 2010

Thanks for all your replies.I now realise what happened. My Digital projector has a resolution of 1024x768 which is different to my laptop resolution. When I shut down and restart the laptop it goes back to its native resolution and all is fine.Haven't quite worked out how to use the laptop in conjunction with the projector properly but I will get there.

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