Street exchange boxes.

  GRIDD 15:00 10 Oct 2008

There's one at the end of my road that's lay wide open since yesterday - some wires hanging out of it. It's dark green, about 6 ft wide and 3 1/2 ft tall.

Who do I call to get it secured? Is it Virgin's or BT's?

PS. There doesn't seem to be any indentifiers on it.

  GRIDD 15:01 10 Oct 2008

I didn't know where to post. The FE will, I'm sure, move it if it's wrongly placed.

  MAJ 15:01 10 Oct 2008

It'll be BT's, phone them.

  GRIDD 16:12 10 Oct 2008

Have they got a free phone number? I'm on Virgin.

  amonra 17:02 10 Oct 2008

Could be Virgin's distribution kiosk, try giving them a call or an EM.

  GRIDD 17:55 10 Oct 2008

Just called Virgin.

It's theirs.

They'll get an engineer out ASAP to secure it.

  wiz-king 18:20 10 Oct 2008

You got a reply!

Bows down and worships.

  GRIDD 18:54 10 Oct 2008

wiz-king I got 2 replies before yours.

...but who's boasting. lol.

oh, and please get up. :-P

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