Streamlined version of XP for second HD

  Luggie 20:37 30 Sep 2004

In the near future i intend to install a second hard drive on my computer for use soley to capture/edit/write movies from our camcorder. I understand that i will still need to install windows on this HD.
Do i have to install all of the compenents as currently installed on my HD or are there files that i don't need - if so what are the bare basics required to be installed

  Night Ryder 20:50 30 Sep 2004

I have been doing this kind of work for some years now. My system has three hard drives installed. The first drive is the system (Windows XP) and the other two i've assigned as capture and export. I capture all the material to the capture drive and when i've finished the editing I export from my video editing software to the export drive ready to burn to DVD etc., I,m quite sure this principle will work with just one extra hard drive as you have, although perhaps a little slow because you are using the same drive to capture, edit and export. There is no need to put any of the system on your extra drive. All you have to do is partition and format the drive NTFS and off you go.

  Luggie 21:01 30 Sep 2004

Night ryder
Thank you for that - so no windows software needs to be installed then if i understand correctly - i assume my editing software needs to be though?

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:07 30 Sep 2004

Yes you only need to install Windows to your main Drive, C:. Your editing software also needs to just to be installed to the same drive as Windows. You will just need to tell it which drive to use for storage.

  Night Ryder 21:36 30 Sep 2004

That's correct. All software you will require should be installed to the operating system then capture to the new drive. Very important point, as I mentioned earlier. Make sure you fromat with the NTFS system on the capture drive. If you inadvertantly used FAT32 your captures will be limited to 2meg in size which is the maximum file size allowed by FAT32.

  Night Ryder 21:37 30 Sep 2004

Sorry that last message should have read 2Gig.

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