Streaming/Video problem

  stevie0398 09:29 06 Jun 2008


I have setanta broadband but are having problems viewing this and other videos via the internet. I have downloaded up to date flash versions, i have also download firefox etc and also cleared a lot of files off my PC but it still not helps. The videos start buffering then after 5 seconds or so freeze and start buffering again.

Can anyone advise me on this problem?

Thanks in advance.

  Pesala 20:14 08 Jun 2008

Google for "Broadband Speedtest" and see if your data throughput is what you paid for. If it is OK in the test, it could be that the slow down is at the other end.

Major sporting events may have peak viewing audiences too big for the service provider, though you would think that since Setanta's business is based on this, they would have adequate bandwidth.

  Ditch999 20:37 08 Jun 2008

What do you view the video with? Is it Windows Media Player or Firefox or something else?

  stevie0398 19:43 09 Jun 2008


I got the following data after doing the broadband speed test:-

Broadband Expert Speed Test Results:

Your Download Speed: 0.13 Mbps
BT Average: 2.18mb

Your Upload Speed: 228 Kbps
BT Average: 339kb

What can i do to improve this?

  stevie0398 19:44 09 Jun 2008

I have used firefox and windows media player but they dont seem to help. When i click to show live tv coverage it is windows media player that the coverage attempts to show in

  Pesala 20:50 09 Jun 2008

I am using the Virgin Media 2mb cable service and get download speeds of 1.97 Mbs.

I think you have a problem.
Contact your service provider.

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