streaming video behind a firewall

  paradiddle1984 17:10 15 Jun 2005

hi i cant view streaming video behind my firewall.

Its a hardware firewall and I am operating Windows XP Pro, any suggestions?


  john-232317 18:17 15 Jun 2005

Control panel, windows firewall, exceptions tab, tick box against program you are using to view video.

  paradiddle1984 20:05 15 Jun 2005

its a hardware firewall, my windows firewall is turned off so that can't be the problem

  johnnyrocker 20:11 15 Jun 2005

take the hardware on out and try windows one?


  john-232317 20:35 15 Jun 2005

Hardware ones are in the router and I dont think you can alter the settings, at least with mine I cant, I also use windows one.

  paradiddle1984 20:46 15 Jun 2005

isnt it a case of unblocking a port or something, i dont want to take the hardware one our as it acts as my adsl modem as well and plus I bought it for a reason so it'd be a waste to stop using it

Any ideas?

  paradiddle1984 02:13 17 Jun 2005

Anyone have any further suggestions???

  hugh-265156 02:26 17 Jun 2005

i have no experience of hardware firewalls but if you can access the internet then i dont see why you should not be able to stream audio or video.

what happens when you try to stream audio or video and what hardware do you have please?

do you have all the usual playback software installed such as 'realone player' and or 'quicktime' for example and do you have them set up to allow internet access within your firewall settings? what is it you are trying to stream please?

  feb 08:16 17 Jun 2005

Turn the Firewall off while your viewing the video, Make sure your MS patches and AV are up to date first

  bremner 08:25 17 Jun 2005

click here for details of what ports streaming video uses.

I too have a hardware firewall in a wireless router but on standard default installation I have no problems watching streaming video.

Could your problem be with your browser settings?

  paradiddle1984 16:49 17 Jun 2005

if i turn off my firewall i cant access the internet, it is combined with my adsl modem.

It is a Zoom dsl modem/router with inbuilt firewall.

Huggy, if I try to stream the video from say click here nothing happens, the video just will not play, and this has only been the case since ive had this piece of kit.

Bremner, I will try your suggestion now, thanks very much for the advice everyone :D

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