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  matt210222 21:36 13 Dec 2008

Everytime I try to watch any video on any site example music videos or news clips from yahoo and ect.> it always freezes and buffers. The video will not play through and I would assume I have more than capable requirements to play. I think there is some software prob or something of that natue.

I have a Gateway GM5407E with 3.5 gigs of ram and a ATI Radeon HD 3650 Overclocked Edition 1 GIG DDR2 Memory PCI Express Video Card.
My internet provider says I am at 25 mbs/sec and I have ran the speed checker on this site a few times and it consistantly says I am around 15 mbs/sec. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  rdave13 21:47 13 Dec 2008

Try running this speed tester and click the box for Port 80; click here
Show your results.

  matt210222 21:57 13 Dec 2008

click here

I am using a SB5120 Surfboard Cable Modem and going through a 4 port Modem Router. Model # BEFSR41

  matt210222 21:58 13 Dec 2008

According to those results something surely is fishy, considering I pay ALOT for my suppose to be speeds.

  rdave13 22:19 13 Dec 2008

I don't know how much you pay your ISP but 7.6 Mbps is good. Compared to mine it's on a jealous mode.
Download Ccleaner; click here . Run from the cleaner icon (default with brush icon). Click analyze first if you want to . I don't bother and simply click clean. Close Ccleaner and try to stream again.
It could also be the sites being over used.

  matt210222 02:40 14 Dec 2008

I tried the cleaner and it did not helping my problem, I am at a lose. Considering I am getting less than half the speed that I pay for is the only reason I am a little upset, and I pay $79.00 US Dollars a month for my broadband connection.

  matt210222 20:23 14 Dec 2008


  audeal 21:41 14 Dec 2008

$79 Dollars? That just short of 53 nicker here mate. I think you are with the wrong Internet Provider.

I have this problem when viewing Internet TV and also when watch Channel 5 streams. I do not have any problems with the BBC or Channel 4 streams. (Note: These are British Channels, of course). This leads me to suspect the problem lies with the streaming providers and not our computers. Maybe I am wrong, but that is what I suspect.

  DieSse 23:08 14 Dec 2008

"My internet provider says I am at 25 mbs/sec and I have ran the speed checker on this site a few times and it consistantly says I am around 15 mbs/sec."

I can only dream of such speeds !!

you will never, with any provider, get consistently the maximum possible bandwidth. There are so many factors outside the control of you and your ISP.

I suspect the main one is accessing very popular sites at popular times, which means the sites serving you are possibly overloaded. Can you check with others in your locality how they get on - that's a good guide.

  DieSse 23:19 14 Dec 2008

"I have ran the speed checker on this site"

What speed checker on what site??

You'll get different results depending on where you speed check with, and whan you do it.

I use and choose a recommended local check site. Try that - and compare it with other test centres further away. Just for a laugh try somewhere really odd in Europe - then you'll see how the net affects speeds!

  matt210222 02:16 15 Dec 2008

Well at work I can access videos on the net and they for the most part if not always run consistent so I was assuming the problem lied with my computer. Who knows, wishful thinking I suppose, I do appreciate deeply everyones input and help on this.

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