Streaming Problem from PC to Media Player

  Dumfy 20:06 27 Feb 2012

Hi All,

If this appears long winded then apologies in advance! I know nothing about networking and am starting to learn. All I'm trying to do is play music files stored on my PC upstairs with my Dune Media Player downstairs which is part of my home cinema system. The Dune player is hardwired ethernet via Homeplugs and can "see" my PC and media library and the folders in there, but everything shows up as empty - photos/music etc. The Dune will "see" a netbook we have via wireless and displays the contents no problem. Netbook is running XP Home and the PC Win 7 64bit.

Initially, all worked in that the Dune player saw the Win 7 PC and libraries. I could do a slide show of photos and see the music files but couldn't play them - unsupported Codec. All my music on the PC is lossless and in WMA Lossless format to make things easier when using WMP12. However, nothing really supports this format and most devices prefer FLAC/ non Microsoft - and here's the collision. WMP12 doesn't like FLAC - even with plug ins I've tried, it's hard work.

Decided to dump WMP12, clear libraries and wipe it's database. Installed Mediamonkey version 4 instead as this will do all I want - apart from maybe photos. Have transferred some FLAC albums over to Music Library and Mediamonkey gets all artwork etc and plays them. Have enabled Mediamonkey to act as a UPNP server and it's running. However, the Dune Media player still sees empty folders in the PC Libraries - music and photos. All the folder are shown such as All Music, Albums, Artists etc, but there's nothing in them.

When clearing WMP12 library and database, I stopped Windows Media Player Sharing Service in services.msc. I have restarted this in case it makes a difference. No change.

So two questions really . . . why can't the Dune Player (or Roberts Internet DAB radio we have) see what's in the library folder when using Mediamonkey. It's the same using WMP12 with FLAC files. It did see everything when WMP12 was fully loaded and set with WMA Lossless - but the codec isn't really supported by anything other thanm Microsoft.

Am I only going to be able to stream using WMP12 and then try and get that to work with FLAC which from Googling doesn't appear to successful.

Any feedback is appreciated.



  Dumfy 20:06 27 Feb 2012

  [email protected] 22:53 29 Feb 2012

Have you tried just sharing the folders that contain the music on the network? (i.e. right click your My Music folder, Sharing, Share, then add Everyone and allow them read access. You may have to make the PC and Dune server part of the same Workgroup (On the PC, right click My Computer, Properties, Computer Name, then at the bottom Change. I've never used a Dune Media Player before so not sure how to do it on there sorry).

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