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i own click here, and have considered putting my own station on there, i was wondering how i do it or where i can find more information i.e what software i would need eg playlists etc

will it be ok running it from a NTL 600k Broadband Connection, also please if you have any other suggestions for my site please drop me a message here on the post

thanks kieron

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to the world at large you can do it, but you'll need some decent software. The application of choice is a delicious program called Sam2 Broadcaster, which does exactly what you want to do - it's described as "A radio station in a box". I've seen Sam2 at work, and it's worth every penny of the $200 it will cost.

You'll need to invest a fair bit of time on this project if you want it to run professionally, and don't forget that it's illegal to broadcast copyright-protected music unless you pay the performing rights fees.

You might also find that NTL st up and take notice if you have an audience of any size - because you'll start to consume a fair chunk of bandwidth.

Apart from that........

Keep a close watch on your site's content - don't let it cross the thin line that separates the OK dating site from the definitely not OK dating site - I'll be watching as long as you have your link posted here, and I'll remove the thread if I see anything untoward.

The better managed your site is, the more business you'll attract. Allow it to degenerate in any way and you'll have a complete failure on your hands.

  Forum Editor 00:53 29 Sep 2003

if I gave you a link for Sam2
click here

and don't forget to let us know if you get it up and running, so we can all have a listen to you.

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Thanks a lot ill have a look into it, Any other suggestions for my site would be much appreciated

  Forum Editor 00:30 30 Sep 2003

1. Work on the homepage images - they're terrible. If you have to rely on stuff that's sent in by members (and I suppose you do) then try to make the best of it - crop the images and use your image editing sharpen tool to improve things. The images are distorted, and that's because you have sized them properly before uploading them.

2. Your statistics page scrolls on forever. Put the figures into a multi-column table - they'll look a hundred times better.

3. Think constantly about content. At the moment your homepage is definitely lacking in visual appeal - smudgy pictures of people kissing and a pigeon-chested guy sitting on a bed aren't doing anything for the site at all. Better to have no images than stuff like that. Your homepage is your shop window, and people buy with their eyes first. Make that homepage look far more professional by leaving client images off it altogether. Find a couple of generic images - a pretty girl and a good-looking boy, or an attractive couple. People will get the idea.

click here to see what I mean.

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