Streaky, Tearing Graphics

  Bandy 10:28 04 Mar 2007

A friend has called me about his HP laptop.

The fault, as described, is that the screen has large amounts of tearing, rather after the fashion of that seen on tv screens when playing back poorly aligned vhs tapes.

It appears as large numbers of horizontal black lines across the screen together with very vigorous vertical jumping. The start bar also goes down below the bottom of the screen.

Evidently this problem appeared once before, but then went away. It is now back with a vengeance, although it does seem to quieten down if the laptop is left on for a period.

Can anyone please point me in a direction to identify the problem

  terryf 10:33 04 Mar 2007

How old. Still under warranty?

  Bandy 10:42 04 Mar 2007

Thanks Terrf

No its about 3 years old. He's had his moneys worth out of it in terms of use, but would like to make it last a bit longer - although I have my doubts that is possible

  Belatucadrus 10:49 04 Mar 2007

Try connecting it to a PC monitor, see if the tearing affect is replicated. That should tell if it's a faulty screen/screen connection or a dying graphics chip.

  Bandy 10:59 04 Mar 2007

Thanks for that, I should have thought of it earlier,

I've rung my friend who has now gone away to check.

I'll post the response when I get it

  knowyour rights! 11:48 04 Mar 2007

I had similar problems on a NEC desktop, turned out it only had a 120W power supply in it and could not handle the graphics card adequately.

  Bandy 13:01 04 Mar 2007

Thanks for evryone's help.

My friend has just rung back to say that the effect has stopped, and thus he can't investigate further - until it comes back again

I'm going up north later in the week and will call on him then.

Meanwhile I will tick is thread as resolved

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