Strange XP problem - "Not enough memory"

  livewire 21:20 22 Oct 2005


Whenever my friend boots his computer it displays the windows XP splash screen and then goes black with the mouse cursor for about 2 minutes in a low screen resolution. Then a message appears and the machine reboots before you get a chance to read it. After watching the computer lots of times we have been able to decipher that part of it says "Not enough memory". We have tried re-installing Windows but the same problem occurs. The install finishes but just before the welcome screen you get rebooted with this error message.

Oddly, it is not a blue screen STOP error. Just an error in dialog box.

The HDD has 40gb free (from 60gb) and has 512mb of RAM.

Is it possible his memory is faulty in which case does it need replacing?


  AndySD 21:24 22 Oct 2005

You can check the RAM at Boot using click here ISO images suitable for creating a bootable Memtest86 CDROM

  livewire 21:25 22 Oct 2005

Ok, thanks, I'll try that out..

Do you think it is a memory problem? I dont suppose it could be much else?

  livewire 21:26 22 Oct 2005

By the way, it is a Dell Machine and in the Dell recovery program at boot I have done a memory test and it reports there are no faults?

It was a full mem test- certainly took a very long time!


  SANTOS7 21:29 22 Oct 2005

Have seen similar threads on other forums that suggest graphics card drivers are related to this problem and as you say you get a (low screen resolution) if you can update drivers it may help..

if you have a digital camera try taking photos at boot up to get the full error message

  AndySD 21:31 22 Oct 2005

Ok see if it will boot into Safe Mode first.

Restart the computer.

Some computers have a progress bar that refers to the word BIOS. Others may not let you know what is happening.

As soon as the BIOS loads, begin tapping the F8 key on your keyboard. Do so until the Windows Advanced Options menu appears.

If you begin tapping the F8 key too soon, some computers display a "keyboard error" message. If this happens, restart the computer and try again.

Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, select Safe mode and then press Enter.

If it boots into safe mode then its probably not the ram but a driver or virus/Trojen problem. Was he connected to the web when reinstalling?

  livewire 18:13 23 Oct 2005

Thanks for the replies!

I have tried booting into safe mode-- but I get the same problem :(

I dont know how I can update graphics drivers if I cant get into Windows - even after trying to re-install. Its an onboard video chipset so does it need any paticular drivers?

  CLONNEN 18:28 23 Oct 2005

Have you got a Windows XP bootdisk / startup disk? If so insert it into your floppy drive and boot your computer with it.

At the command prompt type :

scanreg /restore (don't forget the space before the slash)

This should bring up your 5 most recent System Restore points. See if any of these will get the system working again.

  livewire 10:20 25 Oct 2005

Ive just realised I've reinstalled Windows so i wont have any restore points to go to presumably?

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