Strange website problem, please help?

  Mr-ex777 14:40 01 Jul 2014

I currently cannot acess a site which is click here the site used to have some server problem and has an error, it was back for a short while, then it's back. While i can now access the site without my home wifi, i can't access it with my home wifi and since my home computer is always connected to a wifi, this means that i can't access the site using my home computer.

The error is the following:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type DBError as array in /var/www/vhosts/ka-nabell/trunk/app/Kahnabellcommon.php on line 5373

Tried rebooting router, doesen't work, tried another browser (IE) doesen't work as well. Somebody tell me what should i do?

  Ian in Northampton 15:14 01 Jul 2014

I'd say there's nothing you can do. Someone with some web design experience may come along and know more, but that looks very much like an error in the web site's software.

  lotvic 15:27 01 Jul 2014

It's all Japanese to me..

  Mr-ex777 15:29 01 Jul 2014

Note that i can access it in other computers, only not with my wifi.

  Ian in Northampton 15:33 01 Jul 2014

Are you using the exact same machine and browser with and without wifi? The issue may be a configuration problem in the browser you're using to connect via your home wi-fi.

  Mr-ex777 15:36 01 Jul 2014

assume that i can.

  Woolwell 16:24 01 Jul 2014

Clear your internet cache and try again.

  Mr-ex777 07:43 02 Jul 2014

did not work.

  Mr-ex777 08:27 04 Jul 2014

Please help? Clearing the cache doesen't work.

  Batch 08:46 04 Jul 2014

This is almost certainly nothing to do with your use (or not) of wifi.

As said before, either there is an error in the website or the configuration of your PCs is different (between the one(s) where it works and the one where it doesn't). Or you even using same browser (and version thereof) in both cases?

In any event, the website could be said to be at fault as it should be developed to be compatible with all main browsers and should handle error situations gracefully.

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