Strange Virus?

  sharpe 19:23 24 Oct 2007

we have three comps, 2 xp and one vista all running mcafee security suite 2007. One is on a cable router and 2 via wireless adaptor.
We have a strange fault/virus.

One computer (xp on wireless) the start memnu keeps coming on and off at random. My home page on internet explorer keeps coming on and off at random and when I tryed to type this on both of the wireless comps random letters and numbers kept appearing as I typed and and the cursor kept moving over the page and the page was slowly scrolling. Then it shut down as though it didnt want me to contact you guys here.

Could somebody locally be intruding on the wireless network (it is 128 Wep) and interfering with our computers

or is it as I think a virus and if so why hasn't it been picked up.

I have scanned with Mcafee and nothing showed.

I have done a quick scan with A-Squared again nothing and I have used SpyBot and cleaned with CClean and Web Wipe

Anyone any thoughts?

  sharpe 19:42 24 Oct 2007

I sound paranoid but when I tried to post first time on the 1st wireless comp it was virtually impossible to type. Then I tried to post on the second wireless comp and I typed ok but when I got near the end it threw me out of the internet.

Maybe a coincidence I dont know but if I did a restore on the first comp then maybe it doesnt explain why the 2nd one cut me out of the internet when I tried to post.

Cos Im thick how do you change the wep, I managed to set up the wireless weps cos I just had to enter the number but how do you change the original settings on the router computer.

  brundle 19:46 24 Oct 2007

If your router (make, model?) supports WPA, ditch WEP and use that and a good random password; click here

Copy the result to a flashdrive so you don't have to key it in on each machine.

  sharpe 19:50 24 Oct 2007

The router is an old one (I think about 7 years or so) its an Actiontec R3010UW

and yes we did choose the wep key

  sharpe 19:53 24 Oct 2007

So has anyone come across this same problem before?

  sharpe 19:59 24 Oct 2007

I dont like to fix the idea that it might be the router, it has been fine for 7 years or so but I am aware that routers are vunerable but is it more likely to be the router or a virus?

  brundle 20:09 24 Oct 2007

Seems a bit back-to-front to me. I don't like Mcafee as software but it generally gets high marks in tests. It appears to me that a virus is less of a possibility than someone sneaking onto your computer(s) via easily-cracked WEP. Get a router that supports WPA/2.

  brundle 20:15 24 Oct 2007

In the meantime check your router's status pages periodically, see if any other machines are connected. Do an online AV scan; click here or remove Mcafee from one machine temporarily and scan with another product; click here (don't be tempted to install at the same time as Mcafee, remove it first)

  DieSse 00:44 25 Oct 2007

Maybe you have a faulty keyboard - try another one.

  sharpe 12:23 26 Oct 2007

Hi all
definatively a Malware or virus program

I unplugged the wireless adaptor from the network and it still tried to connect so cant be someone intruding/hijacking my network.

I must have got some sort of program that is causing the problems above I have tried two system restores going back over 2 weeks but no change.

I have run Hijack this but dont really know which files to delete and the file has too many characters to put on here.

Keep it simple guys (cos I am a simple old guy) and thanks for those who already tried to help.

  sharpe 12:26 26 Oct 2007

by "tried to connect" I meant that the explorer window came up but with the "cannot find" notice

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