pcdimwit 12:29 18 Jun 2010

Hi, I have recentnly had to do a back up on my laptop, and re-install drivers for printers and seperate mosuse a kboard etc., I have been using two of the "Trust" 4 way USB extensions, (I use a dongle and have all the usb plugs for the printer, k.board/mouse, USB sticks etc.,) One of the Trust USB 4 way hubs has installed its driver perfectly, but the other one (which I plug into one of the open USB sockets in the first Trust 4 way hub) WONT install its own driver!! It also WONT install its own driver when I plug it into any of the three USB ports on the laptop itself. I have just bought another Trust 4 way USB hub (same model, bought 2 of them in fact) and the new one has intstalled its driver in either the spare socket of the first 4 way USB hub or any of the three USB ports on the laptop itself - My question is: Why does this happen?? is it something wrong with the USB hub itself?? it was working fine before I did this re-boot., it seems to me that it MUST be a fault in the USB itself as one of the first two "Trust" USB 4 way hubs HAS installed and now I have bought another one this also has installed its driver on either the spare port of the 4 way USB hub or any of the 3 USB ports in the laptop itself. Thanks for your help, PCDIMWIT

  jack 16:43 18 Jun 2010

do not have drivers- that is there is no software to load.
Windows has it all 'onboard' and simply detects the devices.
I may be a limit on the number of posts that are addressable, which could mean you are simply exceeding the number of possible options.

Which windows is this this please - we may be able
advise better with this knowledge

  pcdimwit 16:56 18 Jun 2010

I am using this "Trust" 4 way usb hub on an Acer aspire 5535 with windows vista it has an AMD turion RM72 processor and it says windows Vista home basic Serivice pack 1, in the control panel > systems & maintainence > system. page in the control panel, tell me where to look if you need more information? I have noticed in the left panel of the "sytem" folder there is "device manager" but I cant seem to "detect" the two 4 way hubs that I have plugged in now, there is just a heading at the bottom called "Universal erial bus controllers" then when i double click on this it opens a tree with all different USB's like generic, standard, realtek, standard enhanced PCI to USB host controller, there seem to be a few "spare" ones at the end that just say: USB root hub, but I dont know what do here - or how to make my computer "recognise" the old Trust 4 way hub that wont now work. Am I on the right track in trying to see where these USB ports are plugged in?? thanks. PCDIMWIT

  woodchip 17:16 18 Jun 2010

Did you try the original Hubs the other way round?

  pcdimwit 17:53 18 Jun 2010

Yes, this is the strange thing, I was originally using two 4 way hub and only one of them will word now plugged into the laptops own USB ports, the green light comes on on both "Trust" USB 4 way hubs but the computer only "recognises" one of the 4 way hubs, in that I get the "installing driver" in the task bar at the bottom of the page. Which make sme think that one of the w way hubs is broken in some way, I do have an Asus netbook here but havent tried this "suspect" 4 wya hub in that one yet. Will try that and get back to you......., PCDIMWIT

  pcdimwit 18:04 18 Jun 2010

I have just tried the suspect "trust 4 way USB hub" in my netbook and that wont recongnise the hub either, but the netbook WILL recognise the other USB hub AND the new one I bought yesterday, so the "suspect" one must have been defective after all. PCDIMWIT

  jack 17:00 19 Jun 2010

You did not say- are these hubs self powered- do they have an external power supply/brick?
Or is are they simply a USB connection - therfore relying on the Computer to supply power?
A lap top may not have enough spare power to load too many devices in this way.

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