Strange telephone call!!

  Pepper9 10:16 23 May 2010

Yesterday I had a phone call from a man who asked for me by name and then proceeded to tell me that my computer was running slow!! I didn't give him chance to tell me how he knew this as I had read about this scam before. I told him what I thought of his scam and put the phone down.
Is this a common scam and does anyone know where it originates from?

  jack 10:20 23 May 2010

It is Scam
How would an individual know if your computer is slow over the telephone?
I guess there are some users out there who fall for this stuff.
The mere fact you are signed up here shows you have the savvy.
Just tell you less savvy friends, about the scam and PCAdvisor.

  thumbscrew 10:52 23 May 2010

I get them all the time, most of mine come from other countries...mainly India and, there's nobody on the other end merely a recorded message. Yes they're all scams, each and every one and it beggars belief how anyone in their right mind would be gullible enough to fall for them....Humans eh?? A while back I was called by one of these con artists who was on the other end of the phone, actually speaking.The moment I'd been waiting for had arrived! I asked him to wait and then gave him full blast/maximum decibels from my daughter's panic alarm...the ones that emit an ear piercing shriek. Revenge is sweet.

  chub_tor 11:06 23 May 2010

I'm not one for the short and sweet blast of a panic alarm or for quickly putting down the phone. If I realise that it is a cold call I keep them hanging on as long as possible. Telling the caller that "the person you want is in the garden" or "upstairs", "hang on a minute I will fetch them" is to me a way of costing them money and wasting their time not mine. I just get on with what I am doing with the occasional - "just hang a minute, he's on his way, "he won't be long," "he's just coming" to keep them on their toes. They hang up eventually.

  lotvic 11:48 23 May 2010

I either hang up straight away or if feeling devilish I tell them that their call is important to me, please hold, and then I give them the radio/music to listen to.... he he.

  ronalddonald 12:13 23 May 2010

have a look at this

click here

  pinnicat 16:32 23 May 2010

People falling for scams is NOT a measure of their intelligence or gullibality. These things are designed to worry or scare people and some react in the desired fashion.

  thumbscrew 23:07 23 May 2010

I totally agree, but sometimes cruel to be kind is pertinent and if a person...because their heart's in the right about to have their possessions stolen by some dishonest scumbag, then using shock tactics to warn them off, is the best method. The bad guys aren't fussy...they'll ruin anyone's life.

  theDarkness 23:27 23 May 2010

perhaps he was getting ready in his next sentence to offer/sell some computer enhancing product! either that or you have a wireless router and that was the neighbour next door using your connection, but getting annoyed that two pcs on it at once (yours and his) were slowing down his downloading speed regarding his questionable internet habits, lol.

seriously though-NEVER give your name, address or any other information out to anyone you dont know over the telephone. it sounds obvious, but so many people do the opposite and believe or do what the caller tells them, despite the fact that its very likely the caller could be a complete scam artist. if someone is going to advertise to me, they can do it via the newspaper or a leaflet through standard post. even if genuine, advertising products through call centres going through a local phonebook or list of previous customers has to be one of the most annoying and time wasting things ever. the bottom line is that they could tell you they were pc world, a local charity, or the police, and after your details, but theres no way you could ever find out (no matter how polite they are or serious they sound) simply over a phone call. usually if its too good to be true (if they are trying to sell) its very likely it will be, ie a complete scam. never give these sellers any information, and hang up. you did the right thing!

  Migwell 23:50 23 May 2010

I always say "Have you heard of telephone preference" this is a thing you can sign up to through BT which makes it illegal to cold call you with un-solicited sales phone calls. They nearly always hang up and sometimes with an apology for phoning in the first place. If they don't hang up, Ido.

Apart from that most companies will check the register of T.P. to see if it is OK to call and act accordingly so you don't get many calls you don't want.

  thumbscrew 00:28 24 May 2010

I agree Migwell, but Telephone Preference is powerless to act against International calls, they can't stop them and this is where the bulk of these scam calls are coming from.

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