Strange Start Up Problem

  David-285813 18:37 13 Mar 2003

Strange one this

I turn on power to PC
Press Power button....then

1) Graphics card ID screen displays
2) POST screen displays.....then

at any point in the next 120 seconds or so as the desktop and windows are starting up the system just falls into a state of suspended animation with:-

a) the monitor OFF
b) the HDD LED on
c) occasionally the CDRom LED will either be on or come on

after a random period of time, usually between 15- 60 seconds, the system frees itself then goes back to 1 above!

This restart has happened at any point during the start up process as follows.

Anytime after the graphics card ID screen, but never before.(although as this is virtually instantaneous after power on it would surely not be able to do it before)
In safe mode
When booted from Floppy in limited mode
In bios setup

Usually once the machine is up and running it will stay on and be stable for hours while surfing, playing games, whatever.....but it usually takes three, four or five cycles of the above before start up is completed.

  matt5705 19:35 13 Mar 2003

im not that used seeing something like that but if you hav xp go tosystem information and look for error reporting or check what you did to the computer when this problem arrived o r do this go right click on my computer(this may only work on xp) system settings> advanced> start up recovery settings > untick automatic restart!

  David-285813 21:28 13 Mar 2003

Matt, sorry - should have stated my specs!
Athlon 1.4g, NVidea GeForce2 64mb, ECS K75SA, 512mb DDR, 40g HDD, Windows ME. Nothing new that I can think of, though I did need the PSU replacing about a month ago. Funnily enough I was advised by someone to check the drivers, and after I updated the graphics driver to 41.09 the problem seemed to stop for a couple of days! Came back again though.

  Djohn 21:45 13 Mar 2003

Tigerhawk, the earlier versions of the K75SA, do not, for some reason like the AMD XP+ range of CPU's. The later ones are fine.

Sometimes a flash of the BIOS cured the problem, but not always.

I had the earlier version of the M/board with 1800xp, and win98se, and suffered similar problems. Upgrade to the BIOS did not help in my case, and I needed to change to the K7S6A. Since then everything has been fine. J.

  David-285813 10:50 14 Mar 2003

DJohn, My processor is not from the XP range (it's a bit older than that!). However searching through the helproom, I found an interesting thread (No 47718, sorry, don't know how to link it) which describes similar symptoms. Anyway I unconnected and reconnected all the power leads and (touch wood) it started fine afterwards, whereas before it wouldn't even get past the POST screen. I won't tick the resolved box just yet in case it does it again ( wouldn't want to tempt fate!)

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:06 14 Mar 2003

There are new mobo drivers out for the board
i just installed them AGP 113,SiS 735 chipset if i remember i did flash the bios to be able to put an 1800xp in and it worked ok.Have you checked that the card is set to AGP in bios mine was set to PCI when i got it and had to change it myself.

  David-285813 19:56 14 Mar 2003

It has done it again, despite booting up fine earlier on when I had just disconnected and reconnected everything, it has once again restarted itself during start up. If I could just find out what is causing this. It seems to be Power/Hardware related yet driver problems keep being suggested.
I'm tempted to format the HDD and start again software wise, mind you, I'm also tempted to drop kick the thing out of the window!!
Card IS set to AGP, and a BIOS flash is also tempting.

  David-285813 15:54 29 Mar 2003

Well it finally resolved itself. After a few days of reasonably reliable booting I received the following voicemail message while at work:-
"Ring me urgently, the computer is smoking!"
After managing to avoid asking "Park Drive or Embassy?" I got home later, took off the side panel and sparked it up. The smell of burning plastic came up and there was a puff or two of smoke from some diodes on the mobo..
I guess it got fed up of winding me up and decided to commit suicide!!
£55 for a new mobo, two afternoons reinstalling devices, drivers etc and the old pc is running like a new 'un!
Thanks for all the suggestions anyway

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