Strange Speed test results

  Tazfan 13:50 26 Jan 2006

I have just seen the thread that has a link to the Speakeasy Speed test site. I decided to give it a try. My main Browser, is Avant. Its whats used by default. Opera I only use for PCA (I can have it set as my Homepage on Opera, while having another one on Avant), and IE rarely gets used. Avant has one or two quirks tho, one of which will be seen shortly, which to get round I use IE.
I have done a speed test using all three browsers, and was quite stunned at the result. I will post an image of Avant, then IE. See if you can tell what speed I am on, then look at the opera image, and see if your guess stays the same.

Avant click here

IE click here

Opera click here

You will notice that on the Avant screen shot, you cant see any of the graphics associated with th test site. This manifests itself on lots of sites. I have no idea whats causing it. Its the latest version of the browser, but each subsequent version has been the same. I have to use IE or Opera to vies sites that cant be seen in Avant. Its a shame, because Avant is the best Browser I have found, and I have been using it for close to two years I guess.

Speed Test results. Can anyone explain why such a huge difference between Opera and the other two? Downloading WMP (see my thread about that) a few mins ago, it came in at 890 kB/sec click here. That was using Star Downloader as the download medium through Avant. Ive noticed that some sites take ages to open in Avant, downloads using Opera are lightening quick.

Any suggestions?

As always, many thanks in advance for your time and trouble. Its appreciated.


  Tazfan 13:52 26 Jan 2006

I have just checked the above links, and found that I had to right click and open in new page. They would not open with a left click only. Just saying in case anyone else has trouble opening them.

  Chegs ®™ 14:06 26 Jan 2006

Could be cache caused?

I also use Avant mostly,or FF as IE is missing a feature I have enabled in either of the others,thats autorefresh.

  Chegs ®™ 14:09 26 Jan 2006

PS:If you click any links with your middle-mouse button,it opens a new tab behind the one your viewing with Avant/Firefox but in IE it just produces an scroll feature.

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