Strange processor trouble!

  Jono106 08:43 02 Apr 2003

Hello again my saviours,
firstly I must thank you all for helping me rectify my seemingly endless problems before, but I fear things may be taking a turn for the worst again. In a nutshell, when I bought my computer originally (bout Nov 02) it came under spec. It should've had an AMD Athlon XP2100+ (1.83Ghz), but it came with 1800 (1.5Ghz). After a lot of fannying around, I got the processor I originally paid for, installed it, checked it and was entirely happy with the speed of my machine. That was about 3/4 months ago. I have noticed the speed of the computer decreasing rapidly recently so thought I'd have a nose around. Checked the system spec and to my amazement, it was showing that I have an AMD Athlon 1500+ (1.29Ghz)!!! This is .21Ghz slower than the original mess up!!!! What the heck is going on? Is it just reading the signal from the chip and assuming it's specification because it is a hell of a lot slower recently. Any ideas would be gratefully received. Thank you chums. CJ

  professor 21:02 02 Apr 2003

now THATS odd!!

firstly look at your MB book and set the multiplier setting manually instead of it being set to auto detect(defualt).

if thats done look at the FSB make sure it hasnt changed as sometimes little things like that can happen simply enter BIOS and set it back or again do it by a jumper setting on your MB.

if thats all ok find the latest BIOS flash for your MB as you may have a dodgy BIOS.

and finally if thats done try a format of your drive as there is a file that windows uses to ID your processor speed make etc. and it may of become corrupted.

if all that dont work email me at [email protected] dont use the PCA email service as that email addy is long since dead


  sil_ver 21:22 02 Apr 2003

What does BIOS say your CPU is? It's possible for your BIOS to set itself to 'safe mode' so check the multiplier in BIOS. What is running slower, WindowsXP? It's not unknown for XP to slow down for no apparent reason. Have you checked with SiSoft Sandra or Belarc Advisor?

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