Strange problems XP and floppies

  Catastrophe 12:44 02 May 2010

Why do I want to load Win9X?
Because I have a Minolta Dimage Scan Dual which is a very early model and is not supported by XP - only Win9X. A new scanner would be needed.

I have bought the 23 floppy Win95 set and have formatted an HDD especially. I cannot boot from A: drive as SetUpBootDisk is not recognised. It says unformatted - do I want to format it. Strangely the others are recognised.

Any ideas welocmed to get the tranny scanner working again.

Many thanks in advance.


  bremner 12:48 02 May 2010

Have you formatted it in FAT16?

It was only with an update that Windows 95 supported FAT32

  johndrew 12:57 02 May 2010

Does this give you any help? click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:23 02 May 2010

Disk 1 is formatted as a DOS boot disk (you cannot do this on a machine with op systems XP or later)

and contains the files

BAd copy pro click here may retrieve your data

  Catastrophe 13:23 02 May 2010


Thanks for that. I will go check on the other PC. I used the Win95 SetUpBootDisk for the format.

Thanks - yes I did use that in deciding how to go about it (SO LONG AGO Win95) but maybe I missed something. I will reread.

Thanks both! :)

  Catastrophe 14:05 02 May 2010

OK I am booting from C: XP with a 1GB slave (later to be made master when boot problem sorted).

Fruit Bat - just seen your comments thank you. This disk is described as RAW is this correct. I will try recovery. Others are FAT.

I have downloaded boot95a, double clicked and inserted FAT floppie. Again get message "current format not supported by the disk drive". Understandable when it was FAT32 but now FAT.

So I am having problems getting a Win95 boot disk.


  Catastrophe 14:23 02 May 2010


Re-read that and it is pretty much what I have been doing. I managed to do it with a Gateway laptop but it would not work on a non-Gateway PC (I guess the same would apply with |Dell?).

I do not have a very large old SCSI connector for the Minolta going to a very small SCSI connector for the laptop.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:54 02 May 2010

RAW means windows can not see the file format for the disk as the filing system (MBR)on the disk is corrupt.

Bad copy may sort that for you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:56 02 May 2010

Formatting a floppy with XP or later is a No No when trying to boot earlier op systems whch is why you get message "current format not supported by the disk drive".

  DieSse 16:00 02 May 2010

Disk 1 of a Win95 floppy set is not the same as a boot95a (or boot95b) floppy.

Disk1 in in FAT format - the later disks should be in DMF format. DMF is a special format which stores more data on the diskette.

I believe Disk 1 has to have the driver to read the DMF format floppies - and is has to have the specific list of programs that FB listed above. Here explains somewhat click here

boot95a/b are different floppies which can be used to start up an existing Win95 system, or to start up a system to install Win95 from a CD.

Your best plan is to get a Win95 CD and install from there - and use boot95a/b to boot the system.

I have a genuine CD and serial number, which you would be welcome to - but I live in Spain, so you'd have to wait for the post. Let me know if you want one.

  DieSse 16:23 02 May 2010

I've just found this MS bulletin, which says there is also a non-DMF set of diskettes, and a boot disk as well as a disk1.

click here

So now - exactly which set have you got, and is Disk1 the issue, or the boot disk?

Clear as mud innit.

I've also dug out from an old box, a set of 13 genuine Win95 upgrade diskettes - which do not have a boot disk - just 13 numbered Disk1 to Disk 13 - and are ALL clearly marked as DMF format.

Interestingly but confusingly, WinXP says they're all FAT (which is only sort-of correct.) I don't actually beleive that Disk1 is DMf as it shows a normal capacity (1.4MB) - whereas the others show the higher DMF capacity (1.68MB). But XP reads them both - so maybe there isn't actually a DMF driver on Disk1 after all.

But for sure you need the correct contents.

Please contact me via the email if you want a copy of the contents of Disk1 to repair your copy.

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