Strange Problems....

  Pilch from 02:17 19 Nov 2003

Ok i have 2 problems....

1) When i click open link in new window, nothing happen's in internet explorer, no window nothing.

2) Windows media player wont open. says application error at 0x591c2522. The memory couldn't be read.

Ok i am on XP Pro patched upto date, 512mb DDR 333mhz, XP2600, ASRock k7vt4-x4 board GF4 MX440 with 52.70 msi det's.

I have had problems with nachi worm on this machine, cleared that problem with AVG.

Please Help!

computer is recently built (Sunday) and also is very slow to use when it loads into the desktop, takes about 45 seconds for anything to be ready.

  Taw 10:08 19 Nov 2003

Im not sure whether it is connected someone from here will no doubt come back on it. But my understadning is that AVG would not be equipped to erase the Nachi worm as I know there is specialist tools from symantec etc

  alcudia 10:19 19 Nov 2003

Three days old and got Nachi, that is bad luck.

anyway click here and run this. If you still have it this will fix it. I am not sure, but you may need to turn off system restore first.

i have seem to of got rid of nachi, but still IE wont open links in new window or will window's media wont open up!

If i cant get it solved them i might be going back to re-format!

  AndySD 12:23 19 Nov 2003

Personally I would do a Repair install see below

But how to fix IE

click here also try the System File Checker

Put your windows CD into the CD ROM
Now click Start/All Programs/Accessories and choose Command Prompt. Type in

sfc /scannow

and hit enter. This will check and replace any damaged system files.

Repair Installation

Boot from the CD

Let the Setup go through the first part of the Installation procedure.

When you come to the screen in which it says "Welcome to Setup." press Enter to Setup Windows XP.

Press F8 to agree to the End User License.

Let the Setup search your system for previous versions of Windows.

When the Setup is finished searching your system, select your Windows XP Installation and press the R key on your keyboard to start the Repair Procedure.

Setup will delete all major system files and then replace them with new copies.

You will have to download all of the updates from Microsoft Windows Update again because it replaces the files.

There is nothing to worry about as long as you follow these steps to repairing Windows XP.

  Sketch 12:25 19 Nov 2003

Re-install IE and 9Series. I would imagine that getting rid of the worm doesn't also cure three days worth of damage.

And get yourself some security software.... that although might cost, WILL stop all this hassle. I use Norton SystemWorks, and Norton Personal Firewall. Fantasticly thorough bits of kit.

To complete the set though, also get your hands on Lavasoft's Ad-aware 6. A free tool that finds and destroys Spyware. You can download it from their corporate site.

Hope this is of some use to you.


The abovce problems with a repair seem sorted!

Just one little gripe now though, my mouse scroll wheel when scrolling down pages goes slow!

Any idea's?

to require 100% resource's, just scrolling!

Should be that much should it?

  Sir Radfordin 14:32 19 Nov 2003

This is a problem that I found existed under Win98 unless using the very latest version of IE fully patched. It does seem to hold some truth under XP as well, though not sure of the fix. If you scroll hard and fast enough you can get your free resources down to nowt in Win98!!

Make sure IE is up to date and there are no other updates recommended would be the first step. Then I guess looking at the graphics setting and perhaps some of XP's other "tellytubby" features and see if they can be increased/turned off to help.

  hugh-265156 14:47 19 Nov 2003

have a look in task manager/processes to see whats using all the cpu time.

control panel/mouse/buttons/scroller/scrolling size if its a logitech jobby to adjust the rate.

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