strange problem! can someone help

  tanzanite 21:15 03 Aug 2003

hi i have this friend that has said,they were in a chat room last nite someone put in a link he clicked on it an its now took all his memory, he said it was something bout war then dots dashers and numbers,he paniced and turned of pc and now his c drive is near out of memory,i dont really understand all this so i said i would ask u guys oh and he has no firewall (very silly!) is there any good free ones u no of. thanks

  VoG II 21:20 03 Aug 2003

There are several free firewalls one of which is ZoneAlarm click here

I'm not sure that a firewall will help where basically you are inviting trouble.

What do you mean "now took all his memory" - do you mean it has downloaded a large file to his hard drive? Just delete it. Or what exactly do you mean?

  tanzanite 21:22 03 Aug 2003

i asked him if he dloaded anything he said no,its all strange i no, but thats all i have to go by.

  Ironman556 21:29 03 Aug 2003

Has he run a virus scan? free one's are click here and

  tanzanite 21:32 03 Aug 2003

well he has norton antivirus but he didnt no what i meant when i asked if he updated it regulary,so it might not be up to scratch,i told him to do the symnatec online scan so hes doing that now.

  tanzanite 21:42 03 Aug 2003

when i click on ur link for the scan it says cannot find server

  Gaz 25 21:54 03 Aug 2003

click here

for a free online scan.

It sounds like a exploit of a URL: It may be this virus: click here

  Gaz 25 21:57 03 Aug 2003

You might need now a Norton Antivirus disk and run it at start up/.

If you can get on your PC run the online scan.

  tanzanite 22:18 03 Aug 2003

hes doing the scan now, just wondering if its his c drive thats used up then its nothing to do with his memory or is that wrong?

  mammak 22:23 03 Aug 2003

tanzanite, go with every thing these good people have said but get it through to your mate chat room,s are not nice places, some are nice folks but most well i speak for my self i dont go there, i gave it a bash of course i did when i first used the net , not anymore they disgust me,and if he value,s his comp these places aint worth the filth they can leave on your comp, get your mate up here he will find more good people to chat to and help him out when in need and they wont leave nastys on his comp, good luck Mammak

  Gaz 25 22:36 03 Aug 2003

hes doing the scan now, just wondering if its his c drive thats used up then its nothing to do with his memory or is that wrong?

If it was his C: drive it is very likley that he would have not got into windows at all, however the system files might be infected that is why you need to run the online scan.

If it is memory, your PC would lose the data currently running when the virus was opened from the webserver, the PC would have most likley restarted and may be free of viruses but check for any files it may be dormant in.

Chat room -

It must have been a dodgy one, all the chat rooms I know now (ISP's one) does NOT allow URLS.

However if it was a small .HTML file in the URL then it could have exploted the computer using viral like exploit scripts.

You need to check for microsoft updates to prevent this type of attack.

Or use script blocking and real-time herustic scanning in your Anti virus.

The most world renowned AV is Norton AV 2003 but others such as Panda AV and Trend Micro are just as good.

Free alternatives such as AVG - click here, NOD32 - click here AND AVAST32 - click here are also avaliable.

Make sure that all settings are correct and real-time scanning is running!

YOUR ANTIVIRUS IS ONLY AS GOOD AS ITS LAST UPDATE!!!! Update your AV by chosing Update Now!

For advice and information please visit: click here

Hope this helps,

PS. If you need anymore help I will do my best to help.

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