Strange printing problem

  MartynHoll 22:29 03 Feb 2004

I have a HP PSC 2100 and have had no problems until now. I can print Word documents, e-mails etc. but when I go to print a picture from My pictures using the Wizard, it goes into the printer queue and just sits there! If I try and cancel the print job, it will not let me. I then have to turn the printer off and re-start the PC and that then clears to queue.

  Indigo 1 22:39 03 Feb 2004

Hello, I think you might need to check the size of file you are trying to print.

Pictures are notoriously huge compared to ordinary text files and can cause blockages.

Printer settings will need to be adjusted for pictures, make sure you have selected the correct media type ie plain or glossy paper too.

  MartynHoll 22:43 03 Feb 2004

448KB is the size of the file. I have printed big picture files in the past! I am using XP on an Athlon XP 2400+ with 512MB ram and plenty of disk space!

  Indigo 1 22:49 03 Feb 2004

Unfortunately the power and capacity of your PC has nothing to do with the performance of your printer.

Have you tried upgrading your printer drivers ?

  MartynHoll 09:18 04 Feb 2004

More information - I have now discovered that if I switch off the HP print preview option, then the large picture files print OK. If I switch preview back on, then the preview screen appears for a second when the print is requested and then I have the situation of the files sitting in the print queue!

  Lozzy 10:29 04 Feb 2004

Sounds to me you need to un-install everything re the printer then re boot then re install all printer software and drivers. Sounds like a file corruption.

  MartynHoll 08:50 05 Feb 2004

I will try reloading the printer software. In the meantime, I have unticked the print preview box and all is well.

  MartynHoll 07:15 07 Feb 2004

I did try loading the latest drivers - still no good. I rang HP support, they had not heard of this problem before and were no help really! I looked on the Microsoft support pages and someone had a similar problem with an Epson printer and the advice was to switch off the print preview option - I have done this and all is OK.

  AndyJ 09:05 07 Feb 2004

I don't know if it will help, but I came across an obscure reference similar to your problem. It all stemmed because a previous printer installation had not been uninstalled fully, even though the user had thought they had i.e. they had an HP printer and replaced it with a new one, uninstalled the drivers for the old one but it still left bits behind.

So after you uninstall the drivers for your printer, I would have a scout round to see if you can find any references to other HP print drivers still lurking about.

The only difference between their problem and yours is that the problem of not printing in print preview only, surfaced when any changes were made to the picture e.g. margins.

Incidentally, have you tried putting the picture into a Word document first. If you do so and do a print preview in Word and it appears OK; then you do a print and nothing comes out then it is almost certainly a print driver problem

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